Friday, August 26, 2011

Very Pinteresting.

So you need outfit inspiration or a new recipe? Where should you go? Pinterest. It is where all of the pretty things on the internet hang out. It is the new hot spot of the Internet. For you wildcats, think roof top on a Thursday night. Everyone wants to see and be seen on some Pinterest pin boards. How special do you feel when you get re-pinned by a stranger? Such a compliment, it means you have good taste…Or at least the same bad taste as someone else. My darling sister welcomed me into the world of Pinterest a while back. Listen ladies: you no longer have to be held down by copying and pasting an image and emailing it to yourself! You see something you like? Pin that bologna!

I took this from life is reed-iculous. She is awesome! Appropriate image for this post.

I don’t pin that much and all the britches that I follow pin the same crap because they read the same blogs. BUT if you go to the “everything” page or use the search option you can find AWESOME things. If you don’t have a Pinterest yet you are behind the times, email me if you need an invite! I’m happy to spread the pinning joy. Slater gators!

PS. TGIF! (Not the show. Just the saying... since it is Friday and all.)


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