Monday, August 08, 2011

Go team! Fight fight! Gee, I hope I look alright.

I am a cheerleading coach and this week we start up again. I am sort of ready for this season and sort of not. It is just a big time commitment and I was enjoying my summer. The hardest thing I have been working on this summer (besides actual work) is my tan.

My friends would say that I am obnoxiously upbeat sometimes. Fortunately, they have gotten really good at ignoring it like my family does. I LOVE cheerleading. I love the energy, I love to tumble and I love to dance. Mostly I love my kids and the coaching staff. (Wow, so much love... I may vomit) Anywho, we have so much fun together! The girls respect us and work hard. The coaches have a great dynamic. We are friends, we aren’t afraid to say what we think, we have a lot of fun together and most importantly… we love to win! Wilson has been placing top 3 in state for the past 8 years. We are slightly struggling in our program, but apparently it is a school wide issue. People just can’t afford to get their kids involved in sports. They can’t fork over the “pay to play.” (a sports fee to the school). And with cheer we pay for competitions, gear, travel etc. These families present us with a hefty amount of their hard earned cash! I mean, we do go to Disneyland for nationals after all… isn’t it worth it? Maybe/ maybe not. What is more important… saving for college or high school cheerleading?... I say it’s a toss up.

I attribute this problem to the damned economy. What the heck!? Why hasn’t this been figured out yet? I’m no politician, but we have been talking about/ dealing with this crappy economy for a number of years now. These politicians really should have taken problem solving at George Smith Elementary. Those word problems were tricky! It definitely would have prepped them for this one.

If the stock market crashes on a regular basis, if Barack has negative 14 trillion dollars and his land is in debt, if Boehner has a spray tan and an idea and if TSA likes to feel people up. How long does it take Barack and Boehner to wash the car?

It obviously takes more than 3 years. My poor Daddy works in finance. I swear his blood pressure has gone up more in the past 3 years than in his entire life (Don't worry folks, he is healthy). It’s like he was elected president! I mean that he has had a hard few years in the same amount of time as a president would… not that he has actually been elected president. I know I look a lot like Obama, but he isn’t my dad. Sorry to confuse.

How lucky was I that the economy took its stellar dive the year I graduated from college? So lucky! It only took me 9 months to find a job. I was so bored, I probably should have just had a baby. BUT, at least the job I have now is the perfect job hand picked for me by God. I am deadly serious about that one. I work for the best non-profit. I am passionate about what I do and look forward to work. This is rare and I feel blessed! Okay, enough mushy stuff. 

This post started about cheerleading and turned into a post about God. Sounds about right to me!

5th place at the 2011 USA nationals

Rah Rah Goooooo Team! (Insert high-kick here)


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