Tuesday, August 16, 2011

“Ma’am this is your insurance card, not your ID.”

I am a psycho. I really am. I am about to admit a little bit of crazy right here. I take my medical insurance card with me EVERYWHERE. I am serious right now. I know this is totally bananas... but for as long as I have been going out to bars or to parties in college etc. (uh…errr… obvi post 21 only) I have been taking my medical insurance card with me. I mean, you never know! What if I need it!? What if I somehow drink too much? What if I get roofied? What if I have a dance-off and twist my ankle when I decide that it's time to bust out a back-handspring? (This one is actually quite likely). These are all totally plausible right!? Right. I agree. That is why I take my insurance card. I switch it to every clutch, wallet, wristlet, satchel, tote… okay, you get the idea.

Out in Vegas circa 2009. See the eel skin clutch? Guess what was inside!?
I encourage you to do the same. It's just good sense!

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  1. i definitely handed someone an H&M gift card instead of my ID. had i been underage, and had the waitress been fashionable, it may have worked to my advantage.


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