Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The rapids ahead are not yet rated.

My dear friend Ben is a river person. I don’t mean like scary possessed river people that live in the currents and grab the ankles of unsuspecting humans. I mean he grew up spending a lot of time on the water. You know, some families are ski people or golf people etc. Well, Ben grew up on the McKenzie River near Eugene and they (Ben and his twin sis Teagan) grew up rafting. Selfish moment: I love that they were raised like this because I get to benefit from it! Ben knows how to “read the river.” For example, I think we are about to hit branches or rocks, but he knows otherwise. He was a raft guide for at least one summer during college and all that good stuff. In addition, Ben likes to take his friends on killer raft trips. I have participated in the day trips down the McKenzie a few times. But I only journeyed on a week long trip down the Rouge once. No matter what suits you best, they are all too much fun for words.

Ben (the river person/ raft guide extraordinaire)
Besides the games, songs and PB sandwiches, you get to live a little bit adventurously for a short period of time.

5 things I learned on the McKenzie River (2011 addition):
1. Do not blow the whistle attached to your life jacket. If you do so repeatedly, people will get annoyed and threaten you. OR they will think you are drowning.
2. My sister is crazy. Well, I may have known this previously. But I learned that my sister (on the river) will body check you during rapids. Basically, do not sit in front of her because her paddle will leave a mark on your back or a bruise on your leg.
3. PB and honey sandwiches taste better outside.
4. Apparently nudity is accepted. Maybe it was because we were near Eugene… but there was def a nude lady sitting on the river bank at one point.
5. Circus Animal cookies are AMAZING! Remember those? (the pink and white ones with sprinkles) We brought some with and they were killer. Buy them. It will take you back/ they are delish.

The one day adventure of 2011 was as fabulous as any. We drove south on Friday evening after work and stayed at Ben’s folk’s home. There was food and wine in play that evening, as well as good conversation. Then we got up bright and early for some breakfast and river time!

Take a looker here:
The most hard core rafting crew EVER.
Action shot. Note: so hard core/ not wearing life jackets.

BFF4L (best friends forever for life) Duh.
Ben, since I personally added my blog to your home page... yeah, I'm that girl. I am hoping that you read this/ love it. Thank you so much for taking us down the river! We love you!


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