Tuesday, August 09, 2011

The higher the hair, the closer to God.

The idea of the beauty shop has been in American culture forever. (So for me that means the past 24 years). A place where women flock to get their hair cut, colored and “set.” Whatever that means. Nowadays people go get a blowout or a weave. The beauty parlor has been the hub of gossip, drama and practically a therapist’s office for generations. I think of pink curlers, tile floors and plastic salon chairs. I can practically smell the perm solution! The beauty shop has a stronghold in our culture. Why else would E! consider Queen Latifah’s C-list movie Beauty Shop a “Movie we Love.” For reals!? From 08-09 every time I changed the channel to E! They were freaking playing Beauty Shop. It turned into a household joke in college. It is just not good enough to be on TV that much.

The idea of a beauty shop, or what we now call a salon, is a haven away from our busy lives. You get to read a magazine, sip a glass of red wine or Diet Coke, relax and leave looking like a whole new person! In movies they reference things they heard at the salon. Not only did Elle Woods get her best encouragement from her manicurist, she taught her salon friends the bend and snap! That is everyone’s favorite part of the film. I say film rather than movie for the obvious cinematic greatness that is Legally Blonde.

The men’s barber shop fulfills the same purpose. It is a safe place to spill the beans. Although, if pop culture has taught me anything, it’s that you probably shouldn’t reveal your deepest darkest secrets at the salon. You never know who is under the drying hood three stations away. I assume this is a much bigger deal in a small town where there is only one place to get your hair done. For me this isn’t an issue and I let it fly when I hit the salon. If you want to know my business just follow me to the salon. I don’t hold back. Especially if there is some wine in me.

My hair dresser is Da’ Bomb! She is not just a stylist she is a friend. For this posts sake let’s call her Micah (names have been changed to protect the innocent… or have they?) Micah has seen me through breakups, makeups, breakups again, more makeups… (I could do that for a while) graduations, my sisters wedding, my time thus far in phase four, some bad dates etc. You get the idea. We get to see her through things too! Old boyfriends, sibling marriages, becoming an aunt for the second time AND she is about to get married in less than a month! So exciting! The best part is that we share a faith. My time in the chair at Micah’s station turns into a time of fellowship. I can talk to her about my relationship with God and she can advise me from a place that I agree with and that I know comes from the heart. She also does my mom, my sister, my roommate, and another one of my gurl’s hair. Just think of the information she holds in that perfectly quaffed head of hers. We better stay on her good side! Micah aka the miracle worker. (AKA should be pronounced with a Minnesota accent ala Drop Dead Gorgeous)

Cross-eyed alien

I happened to get my hair did yesterday. I decided to go blonder. Why not!? I heard somewhere that blondes have more fun. Maybe it's a myth. I will report my findings.  

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