Thursday, August 18, 2011

"Feeding wildcat nation the celebrity gossip it's hungry for?"... not really.

I have a strange hobby. I also consider it a gift. I can retain the most useless information EVER. I really enjoy entertainment news, celebrity gossip if you will. Do I know basic math? No. (Again, I choose to blame Portland Public Schools). BUT I know celebrities, their significant others, their babies names etc.

This hobby of mine was significant enough to warrant a gig. I was in a radio class for my mass comm. major. In this class I/ we (my co-host) decided that we should host a celebrity gossip radio show. It was a BLAST! I mean, nobody listened… but who freaking cares!? I had fun and although useless, I got to talk about something I actually knew about.

I think I inherited this strange love of pop culture. My Aunt is also really good at retaining information from popular culture. Maybe it is because we both love tabloids. Maybe it is because we both like to watch TV and stay up on what the “new thing” is. It is always fun to goof around and catch up with her because we talk about things that we “know about” as if it is happening to our closest and dearest friend or neighbor, even though these celebs have no idea that we exist on God’s green earth.

Do I love E! News? YES! Do I love to read D.O.N.? YES! I have been reading her blog since 2006. She is the best because she keeps up with the happenings of my favy celebs, while also briefing us on the important things. ie. What they are wearing and who they were with while wearing it. You should follow her blog. She is fabulous!

These are my favorite weekly mags. They contian hard hitting news. clearly.

I am sure there are more productive ways to spend my time. Volunteering, helping the needy and feeding the children. What do you expect me to do!? I gotta keep up with my gurl Britney? She needs me too. If I am not there watching her every move, who is going to make sure she is making positive life choices? Well, probably someone she knows in real life, but still.

Fact: I still checked up on celebrity news whist in Nicaragua. Feel free to judge me. You absolutely should! Just remember, you too will be judged… I think I read that somewhere. And He has WAY more power than little old me.

Okay, story time:
Once my sister was with a group of her girlfriends when she called me randomly and (for some reason) I picked up. She asked who played Harriet in Harriet the Spy (Rosie O’Donnell Version). My response went something like this: “Michelle Trachtenberg. Duh.”

Sometimes I forget that not everyone retains useless/ pointless information so easily. If only I used my powers for good rather than evil…


  1. You are SO SWEET! I can't believe you've been reading my blog for that long, that legit made my day! Useless celeb gossip lovers unite!

  2. Seriously though. Michelle Trachtenberg, duh.


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