Friday, August 12, 2011

Tears are the sign of a cinematic great.

Last night I saw The Help with my sister and her co-worker my new BFF Anne (with an E, like Anne of Green Gables).  I was beyond excited to see this movie. I loved the book, and by book I mean audio book. Side note: I commute to work and love listening to audio books. It makes car time much more enjoyable. That, and radio DJs are the absolute worst. Listening to my iPod is okay I guess. But when it is early I would much rather zone to a story and sip my coffee. It is either that or lame attempts to be alert enough to sing along to something. IMO singing and car dancing should be saved for the drive home.  Also, I need to listen to books because I went to Portland Public schools and never learned to read. (This is clearly a yoke. I can read… sort of)

Back to The Help. I thoroughly enjoyed this film. Yes film. I cried twice! Well, I cry often… so that isn’t saying much and probably shouldn’t be what defines it as a film/ cinematic great. I must admit that I cried when I watched Cheaper by the Dozen (that is the lamest movie I can think of that I cried at).

The Help was incredibly well made. The time period, the clothes, the food. I was very pleased. I went in with extremely high expectations and was not disappointed. There were a few things that bugged me though. Why do screen writers change things that don’t need to be changed? Like names etc. It adds nothing to the story! Idiots. Also, they took out a lot of the fear that was communicated in the written story. The screen writers decided to gloss over a lot of the racial tension that was highlighted so well in the novel. It isn’t a secret that things were volatile in Mississippi in the 1960s. At least they left the historical events in there. But that was really it. I guess I understand the need for mass appeal in order to make good money/ be a box office hit.  

Anyway, go see it. It was awesome! One of the best moments was after the credits rolled. I turned around and looked at the audience. It was a theatre full of women and as I glanced around EVERYONE was wiping tears off of their faces (myself included). It was hilar! I would say, all those tears means it's a film worth seeing.

PS. Emma Stone is my new Rachel McAdams. Still love Rach, but need to make some room for Emma.


  1. Laura! you are a riot! Thanks for the hyperlink :) maybe we can share the 35 followers between the two of us :) Loved last night A LOT!

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