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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Social media etiquette.

I use Facebook wrong and I don’t even care! I use it wrong because I don’t like to spend my time uploading crappy photos one at a time to my “timeline” or whatever. Isn't that what Instagram is for? And no, I don’t have them post in multiple places. Why? Because it is confusing for people! You know, etiquette wise. Seriously, what is the etiquette there? So I liked my friends photo on Insta… do I also go like it on Facebook? Isn't that overkill? Their thought, “whoa, Laura must REALLY like that photo. She liked it 2 places!” I don’t want to be an over eager social media user, but I also want my friends to get more likes! They are probably really into the likes. I didn't realize HOW into “likes” someone could be until I started dating Brian. He will say things like “let’s see how many likes you got.” Uhhh. Really? My snarky response, “I do not derive my self-worth from the likes I get on Instagram.” I say things like this because I don’t get a lot of likes… whatevs.

I just added pictures from the past 4 months-ish to Facebook. I still use it like I did in college. We would add new albums all the time! But now I just add more pictures to an old album because I don’t have enough pictures for one topic. Is it just me? Or have we all started taking WAY less pictures than in college? Each night out in college could have its own album on Facebook. Now… not so much. Just one Insta per friend gathering.

Please enjoy some of the photos that went up. If I am posting pictures on my blog, do I really need to also post them on Facebook in a timely manner? I say no.

February / March

April / May

May / June

So please forgive me for using Facebook wrong. Actually, nevermind. I’m not even sorry. But can someone please tell me what our etiquette is for ‘likes’ on the same picture posted on multiple social media sites? It is annoying. And the fact that I am even asking this makes me feel old.

Only one post this week! I’m off to Seattle for a wedding! Thank the heavens above that it was sunny this past weekend. My white legs probably would have blinded the bride causing her to trip down the aisle. Don’t worry guys, they got a little color. I have full confidence that everyone’s eyes will be just fine. But I’ll probably use some self-tanner just to be safe.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The deal with CrossFit people.

I get that CrossFit is a thing and a big deal to those who dedicate their time to it. And when I say “time,” I clearly mean life because CrossFit people never shut up about it! It’s like there is nothing else going on in their lives besides working out and doing cleanses.

CrossFit people’s recently tagged pictures seem to only be at the gym, or of their green smoothies. I didn't come on Facebook/ Twitter/ Instagram to guess how much kale is in your smoothie. (Don’t get me wrong, one of my friends has a Vitamix and I always ask what is in her drinks. The magic of the Vitamix and its ability to obliterate things will never cease to amaze me.) I came on here to look at pictures of people’s new puppies, babies, cocktails or nature. Or that same picture of the floor at the blazer game from the 300 level that seems to overwhelm my feed every time there is a game.

Sorry, back to the point.

Dear CrossFit people,

We get that you are in shape. We get that it has caused an unavoidable level of narcissism. My cheeseburger and I are just really sick of hearing about it.

Everyone else

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Text that GIF.

I have some new fun for you all! The day? Saturday. The activity? Texting GIFs. The result? non-stop hilarity via text. And the fun hasn't stopped since.

Trying to get Marina to come over after discussing her need to do laundry at my apt:

Mar’s text:

“This is what happens when I think about leaving my couch.”

My response to her attitude:

I received this text from Libby (mid movie) on Sunday night:

“How I feel when Laura makes us watch ABC Family Christmas movies.” 

Then there are some reaction GIFs that have been used in multiple scenarios. They work best in gossipy conversations. Hey, at least I'm honest!

I really recommend this form of communication. It makes everything more exciting!

PS. This is how Marina feels about you not wanting to use GIFs in your texts.

“Are you effing kidding me?”

Thursday, July 19, 2012

The mystery and wonder of Target.

How is it possible that if you walk into Target with ONE THING on your list, you end up spending at least $50? Seriously. It is absolutely insane. 

Add jeans, flats, a bun and some crazy eyes to this photo... and that is me!

This is how my mind works whilst perusing the aisles:
- I just need face wash and paper towels.
- Oh, but look my lotion in a new smell… hmm. Maybe I should try it.
- And I probably need some more sunscreen.
- Ohhh new Essie colors! I should probably get this corally orange one that I basically already have 3 of.
- Pink glitter polish! I already have silver glitter and gold glitter, and multi glitter polish…. But I should probably have pink too.
- Oh good. I need some food. I am so glad Target has groceries. I just need a few yogurts.
- I should probably get these cookies though
- … Aaaand maybe that can of frosting to go with them.
- STRING CHEESE!!!!! Okay. That is all I need.
- I’ll just grab these sandwich bags in-case we are running low.
- Maybe I will pop over to the home section really quick. No. Don’t do it. Bad.
- Okay, I’ll just browse these sale DVDs by the checkout. Dumb and dumber!? Oh, no that is Dumb and Dumberer. No way. Ugh and Blue Crush 2? What is wrong with Target. Who would buy that?
- Ah-Ha! Original Sandlot. Perf. Only $5. Yes!

I have some issues as a consumer. Clearly! I just though I would share what my normal Target experience is like. Just in case any of you are similar... you are not alone. Or maybe I am alone here…


Tuesday, March 27, 2012

It's a mad, mad, mad, mad world.

And I'm not talking about Spencer Tracy.

I hope you are all well. I certainly am. Why you ask? I am doing great because I am not living in the early 1960s in a life filled with booze, infidelity, drama and advertising.

Yes, you guessed it. I have been watching Mad Men. I love it! I just do. It is nasty and dramatic, but it is impossible to not root for these characters. No matter how awful they are, the writers somehow draw you in enough to care about them regardless of their flaws. Did you all like the premier of the new season? I haven’t watched it yet and have successfully avoided the reviews. It is a miracle!

Fun fact:
Apparently Adrian Grenier (Drive Me Crazy... fine... and Entourage) is joining some Portland brewers to make flat top style beer cans. You know, the kind you need to open with a can opener ala Don Draper. Pretty hilarious. I understand that it is hipster cool, but it is also a lot more effort just to open your beer! Haha!

A quote from a different article is what cracked me up the most:
“Drinking Beer from flat top cans will be this year’s having a mustache for ironic retro cool.”

I can’t wait. This is going to be fun! Especially if the nasty trendiness of the mustache is on its way out the door.


Friday, December 09, 2011

Absence makes the heart grow fonder. Right?!

Sorry for being absent this week! It has been unexpectedly busy. Something I hate… mostly because I didn’t get to plan ahead. When I start my week, I like to know what day I am going to do laundry, what nights I won’t be home until late and what my meals are going to look like. Will I be eating at 9:00 one night? If so, I prefer to know that I will be crazy hungry when I get home... etc.

Anywho, it wasn’t that my evenings were super crazy. Although with cheer season in full swing, my personal time is shrinking by the minute. It is that my days have been so packed that when I do finally get home, the last thing I want to do is post on my blog. Sorry dear readers (the few that I have). I promise to come back to you with some awesome posts!

Sometimes my evenings don’t start until 8:00 or 9:00 because of commitments and such… but the personal time I come by is what keeps me sane! My time this week was spent painting my nails with awesome glitter, TV time with my outrageously stellar roommate and running errands (the last one… not so fun). I have gotten inspired by Sara and Nicole lately. I just feel put-together when my nails are painted. Plus the time taken to paint them is relaxing! I love it.  

My nails are teal with the glitter on top. Sorry about the dark photo, but you get the idea!
People have asked me how I did this to my nails. Is it just me or are people getting dumber? My response, “Uhh... glitter nail polish...” Do they think I placed each individual fleck onto my nails? Plus, glitter has become a huge trend this year. You would think they are aware that glittered up nails fall into this trendy category of awesomeness. I guess some people don't get out much... not necessarily a bad thing. I would love to be home more. Note: this awesome glitter polish is from Sam! I got it in the gift exchange at the blogger meet-up Christmas party. Another thing I should have posted about this week… oops!

I hope you are all doing okay in your pre-holiday schedules. Make sure to leave yourself some personal time! Maybe paint your nails or Hulu this weeks episode of Modern Family. And remember to always leave room for God interruptions! Those are the best kind!


Thursday, September 15, 2011

“I like my Skechers, but I love my Prada backpack.”

(From 10 things I Hate About You) RIP Heath Ledger ‘twas my favorite of your films. I don’t want to hear about that Batman bologna.

Much like Bianca Stratford in 10 Things, I too think about trends. This morning as I put on my leopard print flats I started reflecting on the nature and constancy of the world of trends. You may be thinking, “I could care less about trends and I never participate.” Well, you are wrong. Even if you don’t care, you are probably unknowingly participating. Remember in The Devil Wears Prada when Meryl Streep’s character told Anne Hathaway what was up!? She was all, “that bargain-bin blue sweater is that color because it was a trend/ in our magazine blah blah.” Or something of that nature. I’m sure it was more eloquently put in the film.

Even if you say you are going to be individualistic etc… Well, maybe it is really trendy to be unique/ alternative. Too bad for you. Guess what hipster? You are so in! Sometimes it even works backwards. I have a friend with a very specific style. She has always loved vintage clothes and crafty items. I know it bothers her that her style is “so hot right now,” when it used to be quite unique. She is actively participating in this trend… even though the trend really came to her. She was SO ahead of the times.

I personally LOVE trends. It gives you an excuse to spice up the staples in your wardrobe. This year wearing loads of jewelry came back into style. Maybe it never left… but it definitely took a hiatus from my wardrobe for a while. Either way, it made some of my basic pieces more fun to wear. And buying a few fun jewelry items to adorn our favorite outfits didn’t break the bank.

At the PDX Brewfest with Marina. Sporting a mini arm party and some wedges. 

Remember some of the grossest trends of our past? I think of butterfly clips, those sandal slipper things with mesh over the foot and choker necklaces (The choker was highlighted so well by K-Cav in Laguna Beach season 1).

I am hoping this wasn't really a trend... but instead a big mistake that only I participated in.

Yes, we typically regret participation in the more outrageous trends, but it is so fun at the time! What is the point of looking at old pictures if you don’t get to laugh at your horrific fashion choices?

It isn’t just fashion that trends. One of the things that baffles me is the idea of food trends. Food trends don’t change as often, but it is the same idea. For example: the Atkins phase (restaurants were even altering their menus for the popularity of this diet), boutique cupcakes and now, frozen yogurt. Each phase comes in and stays for a number of years. We are still in both the cupcake and fro-yo phase. I am loving them, so hopefully they never leave. One more item that got on the map recently is quinoa. Apparently couscous was the quinoa of the 90s. How often did your mom try and feed you couscous? What a weird rice alternative. And how in the world are you supposed to “clean your plate” when you were served couscous!? Impossible.

How will you stay on trend for fall? Go grab some quinoa and a tailored fall blazer!  

Friday, August 26, 2011

Very Pinteresting.

So you need outfit inspiration or a new recipe? Where should you go? Pinterest. It is where all of the pretty things on the internet hang out. It is the new hot spot of the Internet. For you wildcats, think roof top on a Thursday night. Everyone wants to see and be seen on some Pinterest pin boards. How special do you feel when you get re-pinned by a stranger? Such a compliment, it means you have good taste…Or at least the same bad taste as someone else. My darling sister welcomed me into the world of Pinterest a while back. Listen ladies: you no longer have to be held down by copying and pasting an image and emailing it to yourself! You see something you like? Pin that bologna!

I took this from life is reed-iculous. She is awesome! Appropriate image for this post.

I don’t pin that much and all the britches that I follow pin the same crap because they read the same blogs. BUT if you go to the “everything” page or use the search option you can find AWESOME things. If you don’t have a Pinterest yet you are behind the times, email me if you need an invite! I’m happy to spread the pinning joy. Slater gators!

PS. TGIF! (Not the show. Just the saying... since it is Friday and all.)