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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Guest posting, quinoa and DIY.

Go check out my guest post over at A Well Crafted Party! Jenni is crazy talented at having crafty and cute events. I am not so much gifted in the crafty arena of life. DIY is not a regularly used term in my life. It is actually never used. Unless I’m talking about how I don’t DIY. But isn't that the whole point of blogs? To compare yourself to others and feel inadequate!?... Just kidding. Kinda.

ANYWAY, you don’t have to DIY to dazzle at a party! You can still make a splash if you bring an awesome dish to share. Check out my post and some super-secret shortcuts in this quinoa recipe.

Yes, I posted this recipe a year ago. I'm lazy. Sue me.

Wednesday, June 05, 2013


Do I have your attention!?

Sooooooo I decided to participate in my first giveaway EVER! I know, I am growing in this whole blog participation thing. Am I a sell out? Potentially. BUT we already covered how much I love free stuff and this is such a good one you guys! No, it isn't some random necklace or scarf or mish mash of $5 Starbucks gift cards. (not to knock those! I totally enter them all the time). This giveaway is... drumroll... It is freaking $215!! That is right. Well, $215 to Stubhub that you can use for any tickets your little heart desires! 

Our lovely organizer, Sarah, originally came up with this idea because she loves sports and free tickets to all kinds of games/ matches/ tournaments. So when she came up with this idea, I was like, "uh, I wouldn't use them for a sporting event. I would use them for Fleetwood Mac tickets!"

Here is my reasoning:
Fleetwood Mac is coming to Portland at the end of the month but none of my friends like them enough to want to buy tickets with me. I would buy a set, if I was made of money! but I'm not. If only I could make it rain Fleetwood Mac tickets... 

Apparently I am 60 years old. Judge me if you will, but please lie to me about it. Tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies!! And enter this giveaway for $215 to Stubhub! Zack Morris Timeout, are we allowed to enter giveaways we are part of?! I figured it was bad form... someone please clarify for me. I'm new at all this internet participation stuff!

The ladies that made this happen for you:
Sarah @ Venus Trapped in Mars // Maggie @ Mess in the Making // Sara @ Pearls and Curls // Jill @ Girlfriend Jill // Sydney @ Southern Sass // Lisa @ Two Martinis // Rachel @ With Love, Rachel // Merchon @ Merk and Her Mastiff // Helene @ Helene in Between // Erin @ The Party Girl's Guide // Jackie @ Health, Love and the Pursuit of Happiness // Beth @ Arrow in the Eye // Samantha @ It's All in the Details // Nini @ What's New Nini Kat // Steph @ Insert Classy Here // Taylor @ Confessions of a Busy Bee // Amanda @ The Best is Yet to Be // Tami @ Friday Morning Buzz // Laura @ Back-Handsprings Through Bridgetown // Nadine @ Back East Blonde
Rules: This giveaway is open to U.S. residents only Winner will be notified via email (after verification, no cheating) and will have 48 hours to respond and claim their prize. Otherwise, the prize will be given to the next in line. Check all terms and conditions below. 

Now go enter. Woohooo! *Jazzhands* 

Friday, May 17, 2013

Taking it back to 2002! Backthatazzup.

Okay, I had too much fun doing this last week, so I'm doing it again! No elaborate photo participation this time, but please prepare yourself for the weekend by enjoying this jam.

Today I am contributing Big Tymers, Still Fly. Enjoy the journey back to 2002!


Friday, May 10, 2013

First link-up EVER! Backthatazzup.

So This is my first link-up EVER! I felt that it was only appropriate that my first link-up would be called "Back That Azz Up Friday.” Seriously. #backthatazzup

Thank you Whitney for creating this awesomeness!

My selection for today’s backthatazzup Friday is (drumroll) … Slam Dunk (Da Funk) by 5ive!! or Five… Yeah, I don’t know. They have the numerical figure of the word they are trying to “spell” in their name, so that really makes them fiveive. It was a ploy at creativity or cleverness but it really didn't work out.

This song is from the days of watching Smart House on Disney Channel, but it made an appearance on a “pre-party” playlist in college at one point. I can’t for the life of me find it on my iTunes now, so it must have been someone else’s playlist. Either way, this song never fails to get me pumped up! It isn't a particularly jammin’ song… but it is just so amazing.

Slam Dunk Da Funk by Five on Grooveshark

Please watch the video when they do the close ups. It is just so incredibly hilarious!

1.) What are they wearing!?
2.) I cannot for the life of me figure out who the “hot one” was. I know there was one and I think there was a consensus! Right? Help me! No wait, I think the hot one was the bad ass with the spiked hair wearing a windbreaker at the beginning… never thought I would type those words.
3.) The rap section
4.) The haircuts
5.) They took themselves SO seriously!
Okay, I don’t feel that it is appropriate for me to go beyond 5… for obvious reasons.

One of the guys looks like Spot from the Newsies, one looks like Justin from 98 Degrees and one looks like the host of Singled Out. Is it an illusion? Tell me!!

Enjoy your weekend and don’t forget to #backthatazzup!


Tuesday, March 26, 2013

AIM and my work as a part time model.

Psych! I'm obviously not a model. I am considering busting out AIM again though. Dear AOL, thank you for teaching me how to type both quickly and incorrectly. Love, Laura

I just wrote that sentence after writing the post. Don't worry; it will make more sense later. But now I want to elaborate on my life as a part time model! Remember Flight of the Concords? Nope? You are missing out. Anyway, they have a funny song about "the most beautiful girl in the room (depending on the room)" and how she could be a part time model, but she should probably keep her real job too.

I just started laughing listening to it again! And yes, the girl in the video is Cher from Clueless the TV show.

You may now proceed to the original post:

I don’t know what the heck I am doing with this blog. I like to write and ramble but the longer I have a corner of the internet, the more I realize I have no idea what I am doing. Internet stuff is so beyond me! Tell me, do I now need to go on bloglovin, google analytics and that reader subscriber majig to fix my URL? Why are people all of a sudden using bloglovin!? Is it because reader is going away? I think bloglovin is so annoying to use. How dare Google get rid of something without providing us with a replacement? I just want to check my email and blogs at the same time! Is that so much to ask? At this point I may as well go back to Hotmail or AOL. If I switch back to AOL I will hear “ you've got mail” every time I log on! My life would get SO Kathleen Kelly. Maybe this isn't such a bad thing after all. I wonder if my handle from 7th grade is still available!? I’m pretty sure my password was the name of the boy I liked. Don’t worry guys, we totally “went out” and held hands at lunch time.

On a completely different note, Jenn Pfaus is da bomb! And took pictures of us rando bloggers at a PDX blogger event. She is awesome and fun, and made me feel super comfortable. But I think we can all agree that getting your picture taken alone is a terrifying and awkward experience. I’m sure fashion bloggers will say “you get used to it!” In response I say, “That is a really bizarre thing to get used to. You are weird.” Okay, back to the photo sesh. As soon as Jenn started snapping photos I forgot how to smile and couldn't remember what to do with my hands and arms. I was quickly corrected by Jade, who told me that standing with my arms plastered to my sides was a bad idea. My solution was to just laugh the whole time. Therefore my eyes were likely shut in 90% of the pictures. Sorry Jenn! I’m crazy squinty.

Jenn was great though, and by her amazing photography skills (and likely witchcraft), we ended up with some really great shots! … Although, upon getting them back I mega regret not washing my hair that day. Can’t win em all!

Peace friends! Hit me up on AIM (MissQTpie99).

Friday, March 22, 2013

New URL for BHTB!

That title has a lot of random capital letters in it.

Yesterday I read an article with a title that read something like, “Subdomains are stupid and you are stupid for having one Laura." Okay, it didn't say Laura… but it might as well have. Call me crazy for considering $10/ per year to basically be one million! But the article reassured me that it was really more like $0.03/ per day AKA basically free. So I went ahead and purchased a real domain.

Maybe the article was an add by Go Daddy and they are just tricking me into doing it! I blame Danica Patrick and her stupid race car driving ways. Get a real job Danica! I liked you so much better when you were doing Got Milk and Secret deodorant adds. The adds weren't a secret. It was for the brand Secret! You guys are idots… you know “shower fresh” or whatever. We all use Dove now right? Just trying to make sure I am still in the cool group when it comes to my deodorant/ antiperspirants.

Back to the point! I took the plunge but I ditched the crazy long url. Title is the same; we are still Back-handsprings Through Bridgetown. But the url is now backhandspringsblog. Hopefully I get some traffic from non-tumbling folks trying to learn "how to do back-handsprings." If that happens, they will be annoyed and leave immediately. Hey, at least I got your pageview sucker!

So if you need to update your favorites or readers (how presumptuous of me) go for it. Honestly, I don’t really know how it works. Won’t it just redirect you? I should probably look into this. The internet is so confusing.

TGIF!! Surfing grandma wishes you a wonderful weekend.


Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Just as we are.

Hey guys! Just a little note today.

We are okay right? Originally in the New Year I was thinking about taking my blog a little more seriously. But as I think about it, we are doing okay just as we are. Just like how Mark Darcy feels about Bridget Jones. I’m not trying to be a professional blogger, or get a book deal, or even get sponsors on here (If these things show up I will not refuse their money! Duh). Really, I am just trying to write some fun posts. This isn't the first time I have had a blog identity crisis... apparently this will be an annual thing.

So it is decided. No need to advertise on other peoples blogs or get all crazy like that. I’ll just keep writing the way I do, as if I am talking. You know, in rambling run-on sentences with incorrect comma use! I’ll keep doing it for my own amusement and hopefully for yours. No but really, I crack myself up. The fact that a few people read this garbage (hey mom!) is just the bonus.

So for today I leave you with another GIF. Because we all know how much I love them!

Hey, thanks for reading. Emma Stone and I think you are two thumbs up! 

One more thing, are we doing Vine? If so, let’s wait until they have gotten the glitches figured out. Let me know when it is cool and I will jump on the bandwagon. Call me a follower. I won’t deny it.


Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A weekend of learning.

This weekend I went to a Portland Blogger meet-up. It was awesome because not only did I get to see my real life internet friends, I also learned stuff. Do you know what SEO is? I didn't either. But now I do! …kinda. I was a bad student in the back of the class talking to my friends (Linnea, Sam and Abby). I did take some practical notes though! I also got this super cute mug that Jenni made as our favor.

One thing I did learn that I will have trouble using, is the obvious point that your title and tags need to have key words and somewhat relate to what your post is really about. I struggle with that because I would rather have my title be eye-catching and weird rather than relevant. Meh, we’ll see how it goes.

Other things I learned this weekend are:

1. There is an Elephants going in down the street from my house. My heart is rejoicing but my wallet is pissed.

2. This is my favorite note from church this weekend. It was timely and lovely and beautifully put.

I hope your short T-giving weeks are as stellar as mine! Even with all this narst rain. 

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Pretty Little Liars.

This is not about PLL on ABC Family… Even though it happens to be one of my fav shows.

First things first, I want to say thank you for the confirmation after that last post. I got a number of calls and texts from friends confirming how timely that post was to their lives. Which makes me think, are we all liars most of the time?

Reality is that we all deal with anxiety, fear and the unknown. Why aren't we more honest about it? It would be a lot easier to go through things together. Just saying.

You guys, we are all in this together. (Please watch this at least until Chad's toe-touch)

On a completely different note, I am going to an SEO (search engine optimization) workshop with the Portland Bloggers on Saturday! I am really excited about it because I know nothing about SEO. I love getting together with this group. No one is creeped out by you when you already know about their life! Haha. If you are a blogger you should join us! Check out the Website. And while you are at it, you should probably check out my guest post on their blog too. Duh.

Monday, October 22, 2012

I’m totally buggin’!

I’m still feeling totally out of material. Because of this, I downloaded a “journal” app for my iPad. You know, to write in daily. I have never been a good diary keeper or journaler. Any honestly, I am glad I don’t have a record of some of the trivial crap I “went through” as a teenager. So embarrassing.

As expected, the journal has one entry… the intro entry. I have had tons of ideas though! I know it! Because I think of things and topics, or see something totally absurd and think to myself, “I should write that down and post about it.” But I am in a meeting, or driving or having an actual human interaction. Not exactly times conducive to busting out an electronic device.

Who do you think I am? Doug Funnie!?

He always journaled. I bet those entries are embarrassing now though. You guys, he liked a girl name Patti Mayonnaise...

All of this pondering and effort to come up with material has made me reflect on the “theme” of my blog. Because really, is it a lifestyle blog? I write about how my mind wanders, I write about pop culture and things I think are funny, silly or “important” to share. THEN when I am lazy, I add posts about my actual life. I add filler posts of weekend activities. Apparently it is the way I give my rambling mind a rest. My thought process is exhausting! It really is. Just read this paragraph 3 times fast and you will understand.

New topic:
The Man Repeller wrote an awesome post about Clueless that I am pissed I didn't think of first.  Because of this, I have been listening to The Cranberries today. My first thought due to the awesomeness of the playlist was, Elton would so approve of this choice. My second thought?... I really hope my future husband likes 90s music.

Currently playing: The Wallflowers

I’m obviously buggin’


Saturday, September 29, 2012

It's a Blog Eat Blog World.

Or at least that is what they want you to think!

Thankfully there is a community of fellow blog writing, inter-web obsessed lunatics. I of course mean this in a loving way, as I am included in this category. It is a blast to be a part of a group of PDX bloggers. If you are interested in new friends (cyber and real) check out the site and join the blog list!

Anywho, I did a guest post over on the Portland Bloggers Blog! Check it out Here.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Laziest of weekends.

This weekend was amazing. I literally had zero plans. Well, that’s a lie. I had a few plans on Sunday, but mostly I was totally free to do what I wanted!

I did laundry and watched Netflix on Friday. I know it sounds lame, but it was completely therapeutic.

On Saturday I went to Zumba, grabbed coffee and effectively spent the afternoon at my parent’s golf club pool. It is official; someday I will lead a dance on the stage at Zumba class. I have to. It is now a goal. If only I had the guts. Oh, and I will also have a rockin’ mom bod like all of the ladies at the pool. Psych! I haven’t had kids and they look way better than me. So… I guess I’ll let that one go.

Sunday I made it to the blogger meet-up! Barely. I was literally there for 30min of the 3 hour event. I am the worst. All of the PDX bloggers who helped did a really great job putting it all together! Snaps to Jenni for taking on the planning of these events! I started thinking about it as I talked to Sam. I have met both her and Jenni in real life ONE TIME! Yet we greeted each other like we are old friends. Why? Well, we read each others blogs! Shouldn't it be weird? Somehow it isn't.

I am not very good at the blog meet-ups… due to not being a serious blogger and being as awkward as I am. I like blogging, I just don’t have very many readers. So when I go to stuff like this I sorta feel like a wannabe. But you know what!? That is just lame and insecure and I didn’t start this blog to feel validated by strangers. So whatevs.

Check out the cute party favor and the earrings I won from the meet-up!

Notebook by Jenni and earrings by Dijana Designs

Oh, and am I the only one who benefited from the outrageously awesome line-up ABC Family had going this weekend? Not that I watched TV all weekend… but Stepmom, My Best Friends Wedding, The Notebook… just to name a few! Their programming was dominating my TV.

Hope your weekends were fab!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Why do I write?

What a question. 

I write because it makes me feel heard. Even if it is just Microsoft Word and God who are hearing me. Yes, I just referenced Microsoft Word as a person. Get over it.

I write because it is a release. When I feel overwhelmed, twirly or crazy, I can write it out and let it go.

I write because when I write instead of just talking I can organize my thoughts successfully. I don’t need to repeat myself over and over again to hear myself. I can just reference what I wrote.

I write because it cures boredom. When I am bored I will play on Google images, read some articles, or scroll through the Twitters of comedy writers. Believe it or not, those things inspire me to write… actually, I guess it is pretty easy to believe.

I write because it is a better habit than snacking. Also, less fattening.

I write because I don’t have a romantic relationship to fill my evenings. No fun dates for me! Instead I will watch an old episode of some TV show and write. Oh the glamorous life!

I write because it is a better option than looking at Facebook. I have gotten to the point where I could care less about people’s Facebook pages. Honestly, it is just stupid. Take it from me; my Facebook has been put together intentionally. That is how I want you to perceive me. It isn’t reality. If I was going to show you reality, my profile picture would be me on the couch in sweats with day old makeup eating chips and hummus.

I write because it is fun. Sometimes my ridiculousness surprises me. I don’t care if you think I’m funny or not. If you don’t, don’t read it! I didn’t want your page views anyway. (That’s not true. Don’t leave me! I promise to try and be a better writer.)

I write because it is quick. Honestly, the faster I write the better my writing is. It is when I over think it or try too hard that my writing sucks.

I write because even though my grammar isn’t great, I think it is the content that counts. And my content is incredibly deep and thoughtful. Not.

Lastly, I write because you are reading this right now. Maybe you are on the toilet reading this on your phone. Maybe you are bored at work. But either way, thanks for taking time out of your day to fill your mind with the trash that I post! You are a star!

Do you guys remember that Lindsay Lohan/ Tyra Banks movie where Tyra was a Barbie who came to life and they sang a song about being a star!? I do. Hahahahaha! Enjoy!

Friday, April 13, 2012

PDX Blogger Meet-up

Calling Portland bloggers! There is a meet-up tomorrow. I will not be in attendance this time, but there will be lots of awesome bloggers there to get to know. I have been to a couple of these events and they are always really rewarding and fun. Email me if you want the details!

Created by Jenni. She is awesome and you should be friends with her. 


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Fitting in, standing out… or somewhere in-between?

I am having a bit of a struggle to find my blogging identity. Most of the blogs I follow seem to bridge the gap between lifestyle and fashion. I really love fashion! But alas, I am not a fashion blogger. Mostly because I am an outfit repeater, and when would I take pictures? I race out the door everyday… while desperately in need of caffeine.

I guess I am sort of a lifestyle blogger. Most of my posts aren’t necessarily about my lifestyle, but more about random life events or what I am thinking about when I sit with my computer. I wonder if it is hurting me that I don’t really fit in. Should I try and fit in the blogger box? How does everyone find time to put together new outfits, decorate, take beautiful pictures, try tons of new recipes etc.? I just live and attempt to function. Then I write about it. I think I just described a lifestyle blog... I guess this is a lifestyle blog! Haha!

I am also trying to find my blog identity without becoming too self-centered. But really, isn’t a blog the most self-centered thing of all? Writing about yourself and assuming someone will find you interesting enough to read it?

Anyway, that is just my random thought today. I am trying to focus on the bigger picture in things. I need to remember why I started blogging in the first place and keep that at the forefront of my mind. Who cares what other people think? I find that blogging is a blast! And I want to keep doing it.

Does it really matter what people might say behind my back? No. Because it is behind my back! I won’t even know about it. Isn’t that the beauty of life? Plus, I have plenty of people who will say whatever they think to my face.

In a social experiment, I asked a few of my closest friends to send me a picture that they think describes me… this is what was presented:

I need to stop worrying so much about having a blog niche and start worrying about why these photos describe me!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


“Cher's main thrill in life is a makeover. It gives her a sense of control in a world full of chaos.”

My blog got a makeover! No, Cher from Clueless wasn’t involved but it is very exciting for me. So if you only read on Google Reader please click through and check it out!

Shortest post ever. At least it had a Clueless quote in it! 

Friday, December 30, 2011

Alleged best post of 2011.

I know my blog is not even a year old… But one of my favorite things about the end of the year is the ridiculous number of lists and magazines that contain “The best of 2011.”

The best _______ of (insert year) is always attacking us during the week between Christmas and New Years. I think the reason for this is because people are too lazy during this week to be creative. OR they have decided to continue their Christmas slothiness by putting in minimal effort. I bet the lists were all completed before the holidays even hit!

You think of the list and it probably exists.
-          Best  celeb couples  of 2011
-          Best  movies  of 2011
-          Best  starlet crotch shots  of 2011.

Okay, sorry… that last one was vulgar. I bet it exists though!

Well, my “best” post of 2011 was about flirting. I don’t know if it was really the best, but it was the most popular. I don’t know if people Google “flirting tips” a lot or something… but this post got the most page views by a landslide.

Read it and decide for yourself. Is it “Best of 2011” worthy?

I know the text is small in the screen shot. So here is the original post: God made mud, God made dirt, God made boys so girls can flirt!

Happy New Year! Can’t wait to get glittery and kiss a stranger! (kidding!… kind of)

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Obligatory blog wish list.

Or should I say oBLOGatory!? TaHa!

Apparently in the blog world we are supposed to do a Christmas wish list. I am still pretty new to this blog thing, so my apologies for not being on my A game with the Christmas posts.

I don’t have a real wish list this year. Both things I want (numbers 1 and 2) are practical items that are simply out of my budget range. 
Here is my super cool Christmas wish list:

 1.) A Clarisonic!! Apparently this hot ticket item is skins new best friend. I thought moisturizer was skins BFF4L (best friend for life). But apparently there is a new popular kid in school, and that kid is the Clarisonic. I do believe that moisturizer is that life long friend, but I think the Clarisonic is going to be that friend who comes in and helps you grow for the better. Ridiculous that I just described skin products in terms of friendships…

2.) Make up brushes. I am just in need of some new ones. My collection is pretty good… but they are getting old and gross. I can honestly say that the last time I purchased a makeup brush was probably 4ish years ago. I clean them and stuff… but I have never actually bought a brush kit. It is all just a mish-mash of brushes collected over the years. I assume it is a crazy bacteria-fest.

3.) Starbucks card. For the caffeine consumption that occurs in my life.

Now for the ridiculous items:

4.) Cartier Love bracelet. I have been coveting this bracelet for many years. I like the traditional gold one. I don’t actually want it now. But I do have a hope that someday a super-fly guy (who loves me) will give me one. That is all. So I thought it could still go on the wish list. Okay, maybe the wish is for a super-fly guy.

5.) Harry Potter Snuggie!!!! This is a no brainer. Who doesn’t want a HP Snuggie that looks just like Griffindor robes?

Final wish (warning: this one is cheesy): 
Spending some good quality time with my hilarious family! 

Go tell it on the mountain! 

That is all my friends. I hope all of your Christmas wishes come true!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Blooper Box: Where funny videos go to hang out.

The other day I got an interesting email. Subject: “came across your blog, have question.”

First of all, I was like, “He ran across my blog? How did that happen? Do people read my blog?... this is weird.”

Then I was like, “He is a killer. A deranged murderer. He says he is emailing me about my blog but he is totally an ax murderer. CRAP!”

Then I actually read his email and went to the Website.

He loves funny videos!? I love funny videos! People who like funny videos from the internet can’t possibly be murderers. Murderers only like Dexter and American Horror Story (Yeah, I’m on to you Marina. We all know you are a murderer).

SO, I emailed him back and asked if he was a murderer. He said no… and I decided he was telling the truth. I have a super legitimate screening process. Brad and his business partner, Phil, moved to Portland not to long ago to start BlooperBox.  I hesitated to write about it for a split second because I have never done a review like this before. BUT I saw that 1.) They are local and 2.) They are a start-up. Two awesome qualities!

Of course I will spread the good news about your hilarious website! Note: they are from St. Louis. I automatically think of Louise form St Louis (Jennifer Hudson in the SATC movie) and Judy Garland in Meet Me in St. Louis. (Pre extreme pill-popping)

Apparently Brad and Phil were co-workers back in St. Louis and one of their main procrastination activities was to find really obscure funny videos and send them to each other. It became a competition of sorts. Who was going to find the better video? And BlooperBox was born. They created a site that holds weekly competitions between 5 uploaded videos.

This video was not a winner. And really, neither is this lady. I do feel sad that she couldn’t land her back-handspring. Next time she should call me and I can give her a spot.

Friday, December 09, 2011

Absence makes the heart grow fonder. Right?!

Sorry for being absent this week! It has been unexpectedly busy. Something I hate… mostly because I didn’t get to plan ahead. When I start my week, I like to know what day I am going to do laundry, what nights I won’t be home until late and what my meals are going to look like. Will I be eating at 9:00 one night? If so, I prefer to know that I will be crazy hungry when I get home... etc.

Anywho, it wasn’t that my evenings were super crazy. Although with cheer season in full swing, my personal time is shrinking by the minute. It is that my days have been so packed that when I do finally get home, the last thing I want to do is post on my blog. Sorry dear readers (the few that I have). I promise to come back to you with some awesome posts!

Sometimes my evenings don’t start until 8:00 or 9:00 because of commitments and such… but the personal time I come by is what keeps me sane! My time this week was spent painting my nails with awesome glitter, TV time with my outrageously stellar roommate and running errands (the last one… not so fun). I have gotten inspired by Sara and Nicole lately. I just feel put-together when my nails are painted. Plus the time taken to paint them is relaxing! I love it.  

My nails are teal with the glitter on top. Sorry about the dark photo, but you get the idea!
People have asked me how I did this to my nails. Is it just me or are people getting dumber? My response, “Uhh... glitter nail polish...” Do they think I placed each individual fleck onto my nails? Plus, glitter has become a huge trend this year. You would think they are aware that glittered up nails fall into this trendy category of awesomeness. I guess some people don't get out much... not necessarily a bad thing. I would love to be home more. Note: this awesome glitter polish is from Sam! I got it in the gift exchange at the blogger meet-up Christmas party. Another thing I should have posted about this week… oops!

I hope you are all doing okay in your pre-holiday schedules. Make sure to leave yourself some personal time! Maybe paint your nails or Hulu this weeks episode of Modern Family. And remember to always leave room for God interruptions! Those are the best kind!