Monday, December 19, 2011

Blooper Box: Where funny videos go to hang out.

The other day I got an interesting email. Subject: “came across your blog, have question.”

First of all, I was like, “He ran across my blog? How did that happen? Do people read my blog?... this is weird.”

Then I was like, “He is a killer. A deranged murderer. He says he is emailing me about my blog but he is totally an ax murderer. CRAP!”

Then I actually read his email and went to the Website.

He loves funny videos!? I love funny videos! People who like funny videos from the internet can’t possibly be murderers. Murderers only like Dexter and American Horror Story (Yeah, I’m on to you Marina. We all know you are a murderer).

SO, I emailed him back and asked if he was a murderer. He said no… and I decided he was telling the truth. I have a super legitimate screening process. Brad and his business partner, Phil, moved to Portland not to long ago to start BlooperBox.  I hesitated to write about it for a split second because I have never done a review like this before. BUT I saw that 1.) They are local and 2.) They are a start-up. Two awesome qualities!

Of course I will spread the good news about your hilarious website! Note: they are from St. Louis. I automatically think of Louise form St Louis (Jennifer Hudson in the SATC movie) and Judy Garland in Meet Me in St. Louis. (Pre extreme pill-popping)

Apparently Brad and Phil were co-workers back in St. Louis and one of their main procrastination activities was to find really obscure funny videos and send them to each other. It became a competition of sorts. Who was going to find the better video? And BlooperBox was born. They created a site that holds weekly competitions between 5 uploaded videos.

This video was not a winner. And really, neither is this lady. I do feel sad that she couldn’t land her back-handspring. Next time she should call me and I can give her a spot.


  1. haha. I love blooper box already! I have gotten some slightly sketchy emails about my blog at times and I am always too scared to write back. But obviously this one sounds more legit!

    PS. Laura, I got SHELLAC Sparkly nails at Savannah Nail on NW 21st & Irving this weekend! I have never had shellac (am I even spelling that right?) but it looks so good! I wish I had a good camera to show you!

  2. I just checked out their web site and its a super good idea! They rock!

  3. @Mandee and Laura,

    Thank you guys - I'm glad you checked us out, and hopefully you'll get some laughs along the way (in the form of nutshots, faceplants, lol's and etc's).

    Just wanted to stop by and say thanks - let us know if you guys have any suggestions!



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