Friday, March 22, 2013

New URL for BHTB!

That title has a lot of random capital letters in it.

Yesterday I read an article with a title that read something like, “Subdomains are stupid and you are stupid for having one Laura." Okay, it didn't say Laura… but it might as well have. Call me crazy for considering $10/ per year to basically be one million! But the article reassured me that it was really more like $0.03/ per day AKA basically free. So I went ahead and purchased a real domain.

Maybe the article was an add by Go Daddy and they are just tricking me into doing it! I blame Danica Patrick and her stupid race car driving ways. Get a real job Danica! I liked you so much better when you were doing Got Milk and Secret deodorant adds. The adds weren't a secret. It was for the brand Secret! You guys are idots… you know “shower fresh” or whatever. We all use Dove now right? Just trying to make sure I am still in the cool group when it comes to my deodorant/ antiperspirants.

Back to the point! I took the plunge but I ditched the crazy long url. Title is the same; we are still Back-handsprings Through Bridgetown. But the url is now backhandspringsblog. Hopefully I get some traffic from non-tumbling folks trying to learn "how to do back-handsprings." If that happens, they will be annoyed and leave immediately. Hey, at least I got your pageview sucker!

So if you need to update your favorites or readers (how presumptuous of me) go for it. Honestly, I don’t really know how it works. Won’t it just redirect you? I should probably look into this. The internet is so confusing.

TGIF!! Surfing grandma wishes you a wonderful weekend.



  1. Congrats!! That sounds like a great domain name, and it's easy that it's shorter! I pay $10/year for mine through Google/Blogger since I couldn't figure out GoDaddy years ago... aaaaah Blogger is so easy, though!

  2. I've been thinking about getting one too but I feel like it's just too complicated. ;-)

  3. that grandma is the coolest. i would follow her anywhere.

  4. hahaaha, that :) I've been thinking about getting my own url too, and now I think I am totally going to have to do it. It seemed too scary though, but now you've given me that extra boost of "I can do it!"

  5. awesome! I should probably do that too, some day :)

  6. Are you on Bloglovin' lady? Apparently that is the new thing too? Just trying to keep my blog reading in one big happy place! Welcome to the new domain!


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