Tuesday, March 26, 2013

AIM and my work as a part time model.

Psych! I'm obviously not a model. I am considering busting out AIM again though. Dear AOL, thank you for teaching me how to type both quickly and incorrectly. Love, Laura

I just wrote that sentence after writing the post. Don't worry; it will make more sense later. But now I want to elaborate on my life as a part time model! Remember Flight of the Concords? Nope? You are missing out. Anyway, they have a funny song about "the most beautiful girl in the room (depending on the room)" and how she could be a part time model, but she should probably keep her real job too.

I just started laughing listening to it again! And yes, the girl in the video is Cher from Clueless the TV show.

You may now proceed to the original post:

I don’t know what the heck I am doing with this blog. I like to write and ramble but the longer I have a corner of the internet, the more I realize I have no idea what I am doing. Internet stuff is so beyond me! Tell me, do I now need to go on bloglovin, google analytics and that reader subscriber majig to fix my URL? Why are people all of a sudden using bloglovin!? Is it because reader is going away? I think bloglovin is so annoying to use. How dare Google get rid of something without providing us with a replacement? I just want to check my email and blogs at the same time! Is that so much to ask? At this point I may as well go back to Hotmail or AOL. If I switch back to AOL I will hear “ you've got mail” every time I log on! My life would get SO Kathleen Kelly. Maybe this isn't such a bad thing after all. I wonder if my handle from 7th grade is still available!? I’m pretty sure my password was the name of the boy I liked. Don’t worry guys, we totally “went out” and held hands at lunch time.

On a completely different note, Jenn Pfaus is da bomb! And took pictures of us rando bloggers at a PDX blogger event. She is awesome and fun, and made me feel super comfortable. But I think we can all agree that getting your picture taken alone is a terrifying and awkward experience. I’m sure fashion bloggers will say “you get used to it!” In response I say, “That is a really bizarre thing to get used to. You are weird.” Okay, back to the photo sesh. As soon as Jenn started snapping photos I forgot how to smile and couldn't remember what to do with my hands and arms. I was quickly corrected by Jade, who told me that standing with my arms plastered to my sides was a bad idea. My solution was to just laugh the whole time. Therefore my eyes were likely shut in 90% of the pictures. Sorry Jenn! I’m crazy squinty.

Jenn was great though, and by her amazing photography skills (and likely witchcraft), we ended up with some really great shots! … Although, upon getting them back I mega regret not washing my hair that day. Can’t win em all!

Peace friends! Hit me up on AIM (MissQTpie99).


  1. Your little spot on the web is here because you are HILARIOUS. Keep it up girly and I love your hair in these :)

  2. You look adorable, Laura. Your blog is always so fun to read. :-)

  3. You're so funny, 1. your hair looks great, never looked better 2. I take a lot of photos of myself {bless my fiance for his patience} and I won't say I'm used to it, it's totally weird 3. you are clearly a model, love these photos! 4. I love your boots, where from?

  4. I lovelove these pictures! I always feel awkward taking pictures alone. I need something to hold. Like a dog. Or baby. Or purse. Which doesn't look any less awkward.

  5. Ok I had all these thoughts in my head to bring down here and type out and then totally forgot them when I saw your gorgeous photos... ok, thinking hard... it was something about Bloglovin'...

    I really like Bloglovin, and maybe even if you can't get used to having your solo picture taken, you will be able to get used to that. I also never did update my URL on Bloglovin after I bought my own domain, but some sweet tech lady from there did email me to say that she had for me... that being said, I think it is easy to go and do it in your settings!

  6. i have used bloglovin' from the beginning and was a fan of keeping all my blogs handy in one spot, i think it will grow on you. also, love your flight of the concords reference!


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