Thursday, March 14, 2013

Hey Mickey!

Oh, Mickey, you're so fine. You're so fine you blow my mind. Hey, Mickey!
CLICK HERE (and fast forward to 0:38).

Guess what!? I AM GOING TO DISNEYLAND THIS WEEKEND!!!! Cheerleading Nationals have snuck up on me. It is going to be great! Wait, you don’t think that taking a bunch of high school cheerleaders to California sounds fun? Then you are probably a normal person. I realize that I am unhinged, but a weekend in the happiest place on earth is just what I need. Plus I love cheerleading. And spending all afternoon watching competitive cheerleading sounds look a good day to me! Here is my post from the trip last year.

Looking forward to recreating this. I need to remember to pack that shirt! 

On another note, how do you all feel about Google Reader leaving us? How do the rest of you track your favorite blogs? I really don’t like bloglovin. Soooo now I am in the market for a new RSS reader that will work for a desktop and my mobile device easily.

I will be honest by telling you that I have an unhealthy attachment to my Google Reader. That being said, what are we going to do come July 1st!? Let's be real, if Google thinks we are going to favorite sites and visit them every day, they have lost their bloody minds!  Let me know what you guys are doing. I have read a couple articles about some options, but I’m not sold on anything yet.

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. how exciting!
    I will be going in July, but not as soon as YOU!
    haha and I never use google reader or bloglovin'
    that;s so odd!
    I hope you find an rss reader!

  2. I was very dismayed at the GR news and switched to Bloglovin' because it seems like everyone loves it. I like it so far, can I ask what you don't like about it? Wondering if there are cons I just haven't discovered yet. Change is never fun though!

  3. Have an amazing time! :-) I'm not a fan of GR going away. I was just getting used to it. I've started up on bloglovin but I'm not sure if I like it yet.


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