Wednesday, June 05, 2013


Do I have your attention!?

Sooooooo I decided to participate in my first giveaway EVER! I know, I am growing in this whole blog participation thing. Am I a sell out? Potentially. BUT we already covered how much I love free stuff and this is such a good one you guys! No, it isn't some random necklace or scarf or mish mash of $5 Starbucks gift cards. (not to knock those! I totally enter them all the time). This giveaway is... drumroll... It is freaking $215!! That is right. Well, $215 to Stubhub that you can use for any tickets your little heart desires! 

Our lovely organizer, Sarah, originally came up with this idea because she loves sports and free tickets to all kinds of games/ matches/ tournaments. So when she came up with this idea, I was like, "uh, I wouldn't use them for a sporting event. I would use them for Fleetwood Mac tickets!"

Here is my reasoning:
Fleetwood Mac is coming to Portland at the end of the month but none of my friends like them enough to want to buy tickets with me. I would buy a set, if I was made of money! but I'm not. If only I could make it rain Fleetwood Mac tickets... 

Apparently I am 60 years old. Judge me if you will, but please lie to me about it. Tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies!! And enter this giveaway for $215 to Stubhub! Zack Morris Timeout, are we allowed to enter giveaways we are part of?! I figured it was bad form... someone please clarify for me. I'm new at all this internet participation stuff!

The ladies that made this happen for you:
Sarah @ Venus Trapped in Mars // Maggie @ Mess in the Making // Sara @ Pearls and Curls // Jill @ Girlfriend Jill // Sydney @ Southern Sass // Lisa @ Two Martinis // Rachel @ With Love, Rachel // Merchon @ Merk and Her Mastiff // Helene @ Helene in Between // Erin @ The Party Girl's Guide // Jackie @ Health, Love and the Pursuit of Happiness // Beth @ Arrow in the Eye // Samantha @ It's All in the Details // Nini @ What's New Nini Kat // Steph @ Insert Classy Here // Taylor @ Confessions of a Busy Bee // Amanda @ The Best is Yet to Be // Tami @ Friday Morning Buzz // Laura @ Back-Handsprings Through Bridgetown // Nadine @ Back East Blonde
Rules: This giveaway is open to U.S. residents only Winner will be notified via email (after verification, no cheating) and will have 48 hours to respond and claim their prize. Otherwise, the prize will be given to the next in line. Check all terms and conditions below. 

Now go enter. Woohooo! *Jazzhands* 


  1. Eeek! I can't decide what I would get. Definitely concert tickets...

  2. if i win we could go to fleetwood mac together! LURVE THEM!

  3. I would definitely use it for concert tickets!
    Um I love that you are 'selling out' with this giveaway because I hope I win:)

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