Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Printing a retraction: Yoga.

I did yoga last night. Like good yoga. Know what I learned? I have only ever been to bad yoga classes before. Last night I went to Corepower Yoga. My friend Chelsii works there and has been trying to convince me to go forever! Well, ever since I posted that I don’t like yoga because I think it is boring. Because it was! Every single yoga class I had been to was boring. Hot yoga, regular yoga, vinyasa, freaking weird neighborhood studio (with creepy chanting)... all of it. BUT last night the class I went to was awesome! It was warm, not hot like Bikram, it had a good playlist and it was a fast pace. It definitely doesn't take the place of cardio paired with a Britney playlist, but at the end of the class I kind of felt like I could take on an attacker or intruder or something.

So Chelsii, I retract my statement that yoga is boring. I mean, it is still a little bit low key for me, but it is a great workout! Truthfully, I probably won’t be shelling out the big bucks for classes once my free week is over, but I may drop in every now and then!

If you like the idea of yoga and want a real work out, or if the hippy dippy stuff freaks you out, go to Corepower. I wish they were going to give me free stuff for this post… that selfish perspective is SO not yogi of me. Whatevs.

After only one class, I now have fame across PDX for my extraordinary skill in both child's pose and shavasana




  1. I myself love the slow/weird chanting type yoga. It relaxes me and recenters my being. However, I do enjoy some "get your body moving and grooving" yoga, so I'm sure I would have loved this too. Glad you found a style you like!

  2. child's pose is no joke. that stuff is hard.

  3. I'm SO happy with your retraction!! And that you went to skylor's class last night, she's the very best. This post made me laugh a ton, but also high five myself, because you liked it!!

  4. I'm so happy you posted this!! I've been wanting to get more into yoga but I hate the whole, "Let your inner spiritual self guide your path and become one with the soul" stuff. I've heard of "power yoga" but haven't been able to find any that people could recommend.

  5. My doctor highly recommends me doing yoga for some back problems. I just haven't been able to get into it before!I've hated the hippie dippy part of yoga forever... it just turns me off. I am excited to try it now though... maybe I'll find a good one.

  6. I think you now need to post on Zumba


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