Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Social media etiquette.

I use Facebook wrong and I don’t even care! I use it wrong because I don’t like to spend my time uploading crappy photos one at a time to my “timeline” or whatever. Isn't that what Instagram is for? And no, I don’t have them post in multiple places. Why? Because it is confusing for people! You know, etiquette wise. Seriously, what is the etiquette there? So I liked my friends photo on Insta… do I also go like it on Facebook? Isn't that overkill? Their thought, “whoa, Laura must REALLY like that photo. She liked it 2 places!” I don’t want to be an over eager social media user, but I also want my friends to get more likes! They are probably really into the likes. I didn't realize HOW into “likes” someone could be until I started dating Brian. He will say things like “let’s see how many likes you got.” Uhhh. Really? My snarky response, “I do not derive my self-worth from the likes I get on Instagram.” I say things like this because I don’t get a lot of likes… whatevs.

I just added pictures from the past 4 months-ish to Facebook. I still use it like I did in college. We would add new albums all the time! But now I just add more pictures to an old album because I don’t have enough pictures for one topic. Is it just me? Or have we all started taking WAY less pictures than in college? Each night out in college could have its own album on Facebook. Now… not so much. Just one Insta per friend gathering.

Please enjoy some of the photos that went up. If I am posting pictures on my blog, do I really need to also post them on Facebook in a timely manner? I say no.

February / March

April / May

May / June

So please forgive me for using Facebook wrong. Actually, nevermind. I’m not even sorry. But can someone please tell me what our etiquette is for ‘likes’ on the same picture posted on multiple social media sites? It is annoying. And the fact that I am even asking this makes me feel old.

Only one post this week! I’m off to Seattle for a wedding! Thank the heavens above that it was sunny this past weekend. My white legs probably would have blinded the bride causing her to trip down the aisle. Don’t worry guys, they got a little color. I have full confidence that everyone’s eyes will be just fine. But I’ll probably use some self-tanner just to be safe.


  1. when you figure out the proper amount of likes let me know. this girl does not want to be an overliker. i am already starting to show my old age when I see what friends of my litter sister are posting on fb and i think to myself, 'they are too young for that!'

  2. I'm kind of the same way.I have really stopped putting photos on Facebook unless there are extra special ones I want my family to see. Every now and again I'll post an album. And, THANK YOU for not linking ALL of your social networks. It might be more convenient. But, I'd say just don't use all the networks if it is just too much to post on them all. I don't want to read/see the same thing three times. NO thank you. :)

  3. I only double-like photos if I REALLY like something (like a wedding, engagement, baby announcement) or if I want to give a good friend some likes, but less photos for people to stalk on FB the better - especially with work colleagues as friends!

  4. I overkill the likes, but mostly because I can never remember what I've liked and what I haven't! So I just go like-crazy.

  5. I only double like my sisters photos just to make sure they know I've seen them so I don't get asked about it later ;)

  6. Oh my goodness, I could have written this post... I totally suck at Facebook these days! In college I think I had a new album uploaded after every weekend, now I do it all in one big batch & stuff those randos into an old album... Insta is where it is at these days for me. Loved seeing the new FB photos you put of up you & Mr. Brian the other day though ;)


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