Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Just as we are.

Hey guys! Just a little note today.

We are okay right? Originally in the New Year I was thinking about taking my blog a little more seriously. But as I think about it, we are doing okay just as we are. Just like how Mark Darcy feels about Bridget Jones. I’m not trying to be a professional blogger, or get a book deal, or even get sponsors on here (If these things show up I will not refuse their money! Duh). Really, I am just trying to write some fun posts. This isn't the first time I have had a blog identity crisis... apparently this will be an annual thing.

So it is decided. No need to advertise on other peoples blogs or get all crazy like that. I’ll just keep writing the way I do, as if I am talking. You know, in rambling run-on sentences with incorrect comma use! I’ll keep doing it for my own amusement and hopefully for yours. No but really, I crack myself up. The fact that a few people read this garbage (hey mom!) is just the bonus.

So for today I leave you with another GIF. Because we all know how much I love them!

Hey, thanks for reading. Emma Stone and I think you are two thumbs up! 

One more thing, are we doing Vine? If so, let’s wait until they have gotten the glitches figured out. Let me know when it is cool and I will jump on the bandwagon. Call me a follower. I won’t deny it.



  1. moms and aunts are the best followers! #reliable

  2. I'm trying out Vine. I'm a bandwagon jumper as well. I've found that cinemagram has less glitches, no sound (meaning, no screaming babies), and some fun editing stuff. However, EVERYONE is getting on Vine. I'm sure Vine will catch up soon.

    And, as for taking blogging more seriously... I love your writing and feel like it is growing quite organically. I wouldn't write off a book deal in the future though! ;-)

  3. I was going through the same thing! I tend to look at all the humongous bloggers and get super jelly but then I think - oh well I still have fun with my small little blog.

    And Vine - yes yes yes!!! I love it!!!!

    Get yourself on there - I'm @ Adi Edlen - I need more people I can follow since it's so new!!!

  4. I Downloaded Vine but I have yet to open it, I don't think I can handle yet another social networking thing to do, I can barely keep up as it is.

    Yeah that sentence makes me feel old

  5. okay. i've got something else to look up. Vine? when do I have time to LIVE? I'm with you, i just want to write something i like. i liked skipping over here.

  6. God I love the Emme Stone GIF!! I always have this like "Mid-blog" Identity crisis to where I'm all "am I funny or just dumb?" "Are people really reading this shit?" and then I remember why I started my blog to connect with other writers, and post weird shit about my family that I don't want to ramble over and over.

    //run on

  7. I don't think you need to force anything. I think it's so much better when blogs grow and change organically. :-)

  8. I feel the same way about Vine :)


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