Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Why do I write?

What a question. 

I write because it makes me feel heard. Even if it is just Microsoft Word and God who are hearing me. Yes, I just referenced Microsoft Word as a person. Get over it.

I write because it is a release. When I feel overwhelmed, twirly or crazy, I can write it out and let it go.

I write because when I write instead of just talking I can organize my thoughts successfully. I don’t need to repeat myself over and over again to hear myself. I can just reference what I wrote.

I write because it cures boredom. When I am bored I will play on Google images, read some articles, or scroll through the Twitters of comedy writers. Believe it or not, those things inspire me to write… actually, I guess it is pretty easy to believe.

I write because it is a better habit than snacking. Also, less fattening.

I write because I don’t have a romantic relationship to fill my evenings. No fun dates for me! Instead I will watch an old episode of some TV show and write. Oh the glamorous life!

I write because it is a better option than looking at Facebook. I have gotten to the point where I could care less about people’s Facebook pages. Honestly, it is just stupid. Take it from me; my Facebook has been put together intentionally. That is how I want you to perceive me. It isn’t reality. If I was going to show you reality, my profile picture would be me on the couch in sweats with day old makeup eating chips and hummus.

I write because it is fun. Sometimes my ridiculousness surprises me. I don’t care if you think I’m funny or not. If you don’t, don’t read it! I didn’t want your page views anyway. (That’s not true. Don’t leave me! I promise to try and be a better writer.)

I write because it is quick. Honestly, the faster I write the better my writing is. It is when I over think it or try too hard that my writing sucks.

I write because even though my grammar isn’t great, I think it is the content that counts. And my content is incredibly deep and thoughtful. Not.

Lastly, I write because you are reading this right now. Maybe you are on the toilet reading this on your phone. Maybe you are bored at work. But either way, thanks for taking time out of your day to fill your mind with the trash that I post! You are a star!

Do you guys remember that Lindsay Lohan/ Tyra Banks movie where Tyra was a Barbie who came to life and they sang a song about being a star!? I do. Hahahahaha! Enjoy!


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