Friday, July 13, 2012

Summer is officially here!

Sorry that I am not so good at posting as of late. It is my crazy busy time at work and things are exactly that... crazy and busy.

I am currently running on coffee, bananas and hard boiled eggs. My life is oh so glamorous. Be jealous.

On a better note, the Nordstrom Anniversary sale has begun. I have my eye on a few items and will be hitting the store this afternoon to “early access” shop. So when I say I am really busy… I mean that I am too busy to blog, but not too busy to shop. Priorities people. Priorities. The annoying piece of all of this is that I got a speeding ticket yesterday and my shopping budget for today went way down. Boo.

I have also been working really hard on my melanin production. I know it sounds intense, but it has mostly required sitting at the pool with my iPad while at Black Butte Ranch (lovingly referred to as BBR) over the 4th. Again, takes precedence over blogging.

Okay. I have no photos to go with this post. So, since it is finally sunny here in PDX, I leave you with my favorite summer things:

Frozen blendy drinks 

Sisters Coffee Company

Pool lounging 

Kickin' it w/ Blake Lively


View from the top of the Butte

Being outside

Brunch w/ Libby in our hood

Park lounging


Baby BBQ that Libby bought


Effortless, yet they successfully keep you cool (in more way than one!)

Fastest written post ever. Happy weekend friends!


  1. lucky that you get to go to the nordy sale! My budget is actually going toward the 7 weddings I'm attending this year, two of which were destination and one of which the bachelorette party was in Vegas. So basically every time I get paid I log on to Crate & Barrel and order one of their many gifts (bridal shower, bachelorette, wedding or engagement gift). yay for no summer shopping for me:( But I've been thrifting!

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