Thursday, July 19, 2012

The mystery and wonder of Target.

How is it possible that if you walk into Target with ONE THING on your list, you end up spending at least $50? Seriously. It is absolutely insane. 

Add jeans, flats, a bun and some crazy eyes to this photo... and that is me!

This is how my mind works whilst perusing the aisles:
- I just need face wash and paper towels.
- Oh, but look my lotion in a new smell… hmm. Maybe I should try it.
- And I probably need some more sunscreen.
- Ohhh new Essie colors! I should probably get this corally orange one that I basically already have 3 of.
- Pink glitter polish! I already have silver glitter and gold glitter, and multi glitter polish…. But I should probably have pink too.
- Oh good. I need some food. I am so glad Target has groceries. I just need a few yogurts.
- I should probably get these cookies though
- … Aaaand maybe that can of frosting to go with them.
- STRING CHEESE!!!!! Okay. That is all I need.
- I’ll just grab these sandwich bags in-case we are running low.
- Maybe I will pop over to the home section really quick. No. Don’t do it. Bad.
- Okay, I’ll just browse these sale DVDs by the checkout. Dumb and dumber!? Oh, no that is Dumb and Dumberer. No way. Ugh and Blue Crush 2? What is wrong with Target. Who would buy that?
- Ah-Ha! Original Sandlot. Perf. Only $5. Yes!

I have some issues as a consumer. Clearly! I just though I would share what my normal Target experience is like. Just in case any of you are similar... you are not alone. Or maybe I am alone here…



  1. um yes. you are not alone. this is perfectly normal. I love your commentary, hehe. But yah, what is wrong with us women that just need razors and come out with enough to stock our hall closets, not to mention maybe our actual closet and pantry?

  2. Perfectly normal. How Ty still lets me drag him along on my Target runs is a mystery to me... Somehow I always buy hangers at Target... it's a sickness!
    Have a great weekend!

  3. This material would be great for a Target ad campaign. Just saying.

  4. This material would be great for a Target ad campaign. Just saying.


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