Friday, July 27, 2012

Adventures at The Antone.

Delayed post. I know… I suck. Honestly though, who has time to upload photos!!? It is annoying.

LAST weekend I was invited to go to the Antone Ranch. My discipleship leader, lovely lady Jan, took our group out there to “camp,” horse back ride, 4-wheel, boat, play, pray etc.

I place “camp” in quotes because is it really camping if there is a bed in your tent? I say not so much. BUT it was seriously the most fantastic place. It almost didn’t feel real. The ranch is a mix between Jurassic Park, Indiana Jones, Hey Dude, Wildhorse Canyon and Disneyland.

You know what? You can decide:

We made it! 

Everybody up for the sunrise.

Sunrise at the Antone.

Don't let the sunny smiles fool you. These ladies are speed demons!

Clearly, I do not look natural on a horse. 

Water sports 'til the sun goes down.

This was so fun! Out crazy driver, McCoy, decided to go as fast as he could on the windy roads back to camp.

Dust shield. So hood.

View from Antone point. 

It was special to be there with Lauren.

Sunset from the fire tower.

Lady Jan has a magical skill. She can do all water sports without getting her hair wet. 

Liz shreds.

Holding on for dear life! 

My favorite part about our time at the Antone was the fact that we really got to spend time getting to know one another. Before last weekend, we spent early mornings once a week, sharing our hearts and faith without having personal relationships with each other. Now we will start next year with fresh friendships and excitement. It is going to be a game changer for how we support each other in our journeys to follow Christ.

Who am I kidding… my real favorite part was playing in the sun! I can prove it. My nose is peeling.

How badly do you want to go to the Antone?!


  1. How beautiful! And thank you for linking to Hey Dude - I seriously bought the first season on DVD so I could relive my childhood.

  2. So jealous. Please note: I have seen Jan fall of the rarely happens.. she is a genius on the water. Also- the picture of you and Lauren on Antone point proves that you really do know how to do a mean slick gymnastics ponytail. And you look good on a horse!

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