Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Black Butte Ranch: The 4th was a Wednesday.

My family went to Black Butte over the 4th. I neglected to post about it because I am lazy. So I am posting about it now! Here is another BBR post if you are interested. 

I took off the Thursday and Friday after Independence Day. Why? Because I was trying to fight the calendar for being so rude. Wednesday!? Really world?

Anyway, it was a lovely extended vacation. I hung out with my family and my friend Lauren stopped by for the weekend.

My sister and I hiked the Butte:

We paddle boarded in the lake down there (scroll for photo proof).

Lindsey channeled Zac Efron (HSM2) for this shot.

We walked on the golf course:

We were standing at the top of that. 

We spent our days at the pool:

Yep. That is the view from the lodge pool. 

We paddle boarded:

Basically the hardest work I did during this vacation was walking up hill (The Butte) and helping wash the dishes after the many delicious meals that I had no part in planning or making. It was an awesome break from real life.


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