Monday, July 30, 2012

USA! USA! Going for the gold.

I LOVE THE OLYMPICS!! Well, I love the Summer Olympics. We all know that the Winter Olympics is just the equivalent of a less popular, slightly uglier step-sibling.

In all seriousness, I adore the splendor and pageantry of the Olympics. I was a little worried this year because I thought I would be in Nicaragua and miss the gymnastics. BUT I am only going to miss the lame stuff (like track). I will get to see the gymnastics, which is the most important part! Duh. I also really like the swimming. Particularly men’s swimming. Especially the relays. Why you ask? Well, lots of attractive men all in one race? I’ll take it! Can we talk about how good looking Ryan Lochte is? Then can we discuss how badly he dresses and how lame his grill is? If only he had a great NW girl in his life…

History lesson: I quit competitive gymnastics when I was a sophomore in high school. Not to mention, I am 5’8”… not exactly gymnastics conducive. Let’s just say, bars was NOT my strongest event. I was really not a good gymnast, but I loved it (mainly floor and beam), had a blast and made great friends. I wouldn’t trade those years in the gym for anything. Thinking about it now, I specifically wouldn’t trade the summers. We would spend 4 hours together at practice, followed up by 4 more hours together playing and laying at the pool. When you group both hard work and fun together, especially at a young age, the rewards are invaluable. Those summers contain some of my fondest memories.

Enough about me and my non-good at gymnastics past, back to the Olympics:

Let’s note the level of gymnastics these girls are doing. Height and skills that I can’t even comprehend! I think standing back-tucks are hard (I’m tall. Give me a break). How about a perfect standing full on beam? Yeah. Beam. And that isn’t even near the most difficult skills we are seeing.

Gabby Jo is my mom's favorite. Mostly because her middle name is Jo. Priorities. 

I could talk gymnastics all day, but instead how about a more universal topic? Hair.

One thing you are allowed to trash is gymnastics hair. When we were kids we were not allowed to compete with messy buns. (Think late 90s/ early 00s when the messy bun was in the height of popularity). We of course fought back, but I will say, my ability to make a good slicked back ponytail came in handy when I was a cheerleader. Sometimes I even see lingering signs of “good hair ladies” coming through as a cheer coach. This was a blanket comment that we heard growing up from our gymnastics coaches.

Go ahead and make fun of the clips and the glitter. But it is something that has been around for a long time. And to tell you the truth, I would be a little bit disappointed to see it go. Final note: Marta Karolyi should take a call from the head coach of Mac Gymnastics. Meg could teach her a thing or two about encouraging her athletes to have “good hair.”

PS. You have no idea how obsessed my sister and I were with the magnificent seven. It was ridiculousness. I hope we will get to be equally obsessed with this team of five! 

I loved Dominique Dawes and hated Kerri Strug. I also LOVED Shannon Miller's bangs...and copied them. I was a special child.  

Alright friends, that is all from me for today. What is your favorite Olympic event? 


Friday, July 27, 2012

Adventures at The Antone.

Delayed post. I know… I suck. Honestly though, who has time to upload photos!!? It is annoying.

LAST weekend I was invited to go to the Antone Ranch. My discipleship leader, lovely lady Jan, took our group out there to “camp,” horse back ride, 4-wheel, boat, play, pray etc.

I place “camp” in quotes because is it really camping if there is a bed in your tent? I say not so much. BUT it was seriously the most fantastic place. It almost didn’t feel real. The ranch is a mix between Jurassic Park, Indiana Jones, Hey Dude, Wildhorse Canyon and Disneyland.

You know what? You can decide:

We made it! 

Everybody up for the sunrise.

Sunrise at the Antone.

Don't let the sunny smiles fool you. These ladies are speed demons!

Clearly, I do not look natural on a horse. 

Water sports 'til the sun goes down.

This was so fun! Out crazy driver, McCoy, decided to go as fast as he could on the windy roads back to camp.

Dust shield. So hood.

View from Antone point. 

It was special to be there with Lauren.

Sunset from the fire tower.

Lady Jan has a magical skill. She can do all water sports without getting her hair wet. 

Liz shreds.

Holding on for dear life! 

My favorite part about our time at the Antone was the fact that we really got to spend time getting to know one another. Before last weekend, we spent early mornings once a week, sharing our hearts and faith without having personal relationships with each other. Now we will start next year with fresh friendships and excitement. It is going to be a game changer for how we support each other in our journeys to follow Christ.

Who am I kidding… my real favorite part was playing in the sun! I can prove it. My nose is peeling.

How badly do you want to go to the Antone?!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Why do I write?

What a question. 

I write because it makes me feel heard. Even if it is just Microsoft Word and God who are hearing me. Yes, I just referenced Microsoft Word as a person. Get over it.

I write because it is a release. When I feel overwhelmed, twirly or crazy, I can write it out and let it go.

I write because when I write instead of just talking I can organize my thoughts successfully. I don’t need to repeat myself over and over again to hear myself. I can just reference what I wrote.

I write because it cures boredom. When I am bored I will play on Google images, read some articles, or scroll through the Twitters of comedy writers. Believe it or not, those things inspire me to write… actually, I guess it is pretty easy to believe.

I write because it is a better habit than snacking. Also, less fattening.

I write because I don’t have a romantic relationship to fill my evenings. No fun dates for me! Instead I will watch an old episode of some TV show and write. Oh the glamorous life!

I write because it is a better option than looking at Facebook. I have gotten to the point where I could care less about people’s Facebook pages. Honestly, it is just stupid. Take it from me; my Facebook has been put together intentionally. That is how I want you to perceive me. It isn’t reality. If I was going to show you reality, my profile picture would be me on the couch in sweats with day old makeup eating chips and hummus.

I write because it is fun. Sometimes my ridiculousness surprises me. I don’t care if you think I’m funny or not. If you don’t, don’t read it! I didn’t want your page views anyway. (That’s not true. Don’t leave me! I promise to try and be a better writer.)

I write because it is quick. Honestly, the faster I write the better my writing is. It is when I over think it or try too hard that my writing sucks.

I write because even though my grammar isn’t great, I think it is the content that counts. And my content is incredibly deep and thoughtful. Not.

Lastly, I write because you are reading this right now. Maybe you are on the toilet reading this on your phone. Maybe you are bored at work. But either way, thanks for taking time out of your day to fill your mind with the trash that I post! You are a star!

Do you guys remember that Lindsay Lohan/ Tyra Banks movie where Tyra was a Barbie who came to life and they sang a song about being a star!? I do. Hahahahaha! Enjoy!

Friday, July 20, 2012

My mom's Christmas card is done.

My sister just sent us these pictures from when our family was at Black Butte. I am sure it is a huge relief for my mother, as she frets over her Christmas card for weeks! Honestly, maybe even months. As it turns out, most years she can't even find a picture. So after agonizing over the potential card, she ends up not sending one at all! She is so crazy. Yet, I love her so much.

Here are some of the good ones!

We were dancing!

Had to throw a back-handspring shot in there too! 

Please excuse my bad form in the back-handspring. I had just eaten a large meal and my jeans weren't stretchy. I know... excuses. 

That is all for now. Enjoy your weekends! 

Thursday, July 19, 2012

The mystery and wonder of Target.

How is it possible that if you walk into Target with ONE THING on your list, you end up spending at least $50? Seriously. It is absolutely insane. 

Add jeans, flats, a bun and some crazy eyes to this photo... and that is me!

This is how my mind works whilst perusing the aisles:
- I just need face wash and paper towels.
- Oh, but look my lotion in a new smell… hmm. Maybe I should try it.
- And I probably need some more sunscreen.
- Ohhh new Essie colors! I should probably get this corally orange one that I basically already have 3 of.
- Pink glitter polish! I already have silver glitter and gold glitter, and multi glitter polish…. But I should probably have pink too.
- Oh good. I need some food. I am so glad Target has groceries. I just need a few yogurts.
- I should probably get these cookies though
- … Aaaand maybe that can of frosting to go with them.
- STRING CHEESE!!!!! Okay. That is all I need.
- I’ll just grab these sandwich bags in-case we are running low.
- Maybe I will pop over to the home section really quick. No. Don’t do it. Bad.
- Okay, I’ll just browse these sale DVDs by the checkout. Dumb and dumber!? Oh, no that is Dumb and Dumberer. No way. Ugh and Blue Crush 2? What is wrong with Target. Who would buy that?
- Ah-Ha! Original Sandlot. Perf. Only $5. Yes!

I have some issues as a consumer. Clearly! I just though I would share what my normal Target experience is like. Just in case any of you are similar... you are not alone. Or maybe I am alone here…


Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Black Butte Ranch: The 4th was a Wednesday.

My family went to Black Butte over the 4th. I neglected to post about it because I am lazy. So I am posting about it now! Here is another BBR post if you are interested. 

I took off the Thursday and Friday after Independence Day. Why? Because I was trying to fight the calendar for being so rude. Wednesday!? Really world?

Anyway, it was a lovely extended vacation. I hung out with my family and my friend Lauren stopped by for the weekend.

My sister and I hiked the Butte:

We paddle boarded in the lake down there (scroll for photo proof).

Lindsey channeled Zac Efron (HSM2) for this shot.

We walked on the golf course:

We were standing at the top of that. 

We spent our days at the pool:

Yep. That is the view from the lodge pool. 

We paddle boarded:

Basically the hardest work I did during this vacation was walking up hill (The Butte) and helping wash the dishes after the many delicious meals that I had no part in planning or making. It was an awesome break from real life.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Summer is officially here!

Sorry that I am not so good at posting as of late. It is my crazy busy time at work and things are exactly that... crazy and busy.

I am currently running on coffee, bananas and hard boiled eggs. My life is oh so glamorous. Be jealous.

On a better note, the Nordstrom Anniversary sale has begun. I have my eye on a few items and will be hitting the store this afternoon to “early access” shop. So when I say I am really busy… I mean that I am too busy to blog, but not too busy to shop. Priorities people. Priorities. The annoying piece of all of this is that I got a speeding ticket yesterday and my shopping budget for today went way down. Boo.

I have also been working really hard on my melanin production. I know it sounds intense, but it has mostly required sitting at the pool with my iPad while at Black Butte Ranch (lovingly referred to as BBR) over the 4th. Again, takes precedence over blogging.

Okay. I have no photos to go with this post. So, since it is finally sunny here in PDX, I leave you with my favorite summer things:

Frozen blendy drinks 

Sisters Coffee Company

Pool lounging 

Kickin' it w/ Blake Lively


View from the top of the Butte

Being outside

Brunch w/ Libby in our hood

Park lounging


Baby BBQ that Libby bought


Effortless, yet they successfully keep you cool (in more way than one!)

Fastest written post ever. Happy weekend friends!