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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Have a super Super Bowl!

This is my last post before the weekend so I find it appropriate to write about the Super Bowl. As you could have probably guessed, my favorite part of the Super Bowl is not the football (shocker), but instead the freedom I feel to become a complete food monster. A common Super Bowl short list includes: Wings, pizza, guacamole, chips of the potato and corn variety, beer and sugary soda drinks, and likely a veggie tray for appearances.

My mother is the only one in our family who likes football. Weird right!? Correction, my mother and brother-in-law are the only ones in our family who like football. I don’t know what Brandon is doing, but I think my sister and I have convinced my mom to go shopping with us on Sunday. BUT the funny thing about my mom is that over the past 25 years she has consistently encouraged us to become engaged in the important football event of the moment. Super Bowls, local college games, bowl games, the Seahawks, you name it. So I expect that my sweet mother will have Super Bowl themed food out as a ploy to get us to watch some of the game. What a gem.

This is how my sister watches football. At least she is trying mom! 

Enjoy the gluttony friends! I am “rooting” for the 49ers… and Beyonce. If you plan on texting or checking Twitter and Insta for most of the game (like a normal person), make sure to read this awesome and hilarious Super Bowl post from Venus. That way you can still kind of impress your boyfriend later. He will be like, “oh my gosh! You know so many awesome football facts!” and you will be like, “I know, right!?” Although, the only thing I actually absorbed from the list is that the coaches are brothers. Reading is hard.

Have a great weekend!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Golden Globes: observations and favorites.

Did you all watch the Golden Globes last night!? It is by far my favorite of the awards shows. I wrote why last year. I am not all knowing when it comes to fashion or anything, but I love the red carpet shows just as much as the broadcast!

What did you guys think of Tina Fey and Amy Poehler? I thought they were fantastically funny, but not nearly enough air time! I was kind of mad that they weren't given more opportunities to bring the hilarity. They had Libby and me LLOLing (Literally laughing out loud. As we all know, LOL has lost all meaning at this point).

First I would like to show you a few things I observed during the broadcast and while reviewing pictures of the Red Carpet.

First let’s take a look at the publicist who REALLY didn't like Jessica Chastain’s dress. It wasn't my fave either… but I think I would have tried a little harder to keep a straight face.

And here we have JLO. She was going all Britney at the 2000 VMAs with this one.

It’s Yosemite Sam! Oh wait… nope, just Bill Murray.

Sienna Miller really misses shopping at Limited Too. To get her fix she picked this dress…

Okay, enough of that. My favorites were Alba and KHud. Their picks could not be more different from each other, yet both are unbelievably glamorous. Plus these dresses seem to suit each of their personalities well. Am I crazy for thinking that?

That is all I have for today. This weekend was so awesome! Cheer season started, awards season started AND JT released his first song since 2006! Booya! Let's note that in the fall of 2006 (sophomore year of college) I was dancing to Sexy Back in the dorms. Obviously because we had all gotten back to campus... AKA brought sexy back. Kind of embarrassing and awesome at the same time. 

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Thursday, January 03, 2013

The West-Kardashian Baby

… or Kardashian-West? I think that might be a fight.

The year: 2022 (Age 9)
Setting: School Science Fair

Teacher: And this year’s All School Science Fair winner is... Maxwell Drew Johnson!

Kanye: Yo Maxi, Imma let you finish, but my kid had one of the best potato clocks of all time.

The year: 2029 (Age 16)
Setting: At home rummaging through old home movies.

Kimye spawn: Mom, where are my childhood soccer videos? Wait… what is this? What is a VHS and who is Ray-J?"

I hate that this unborn child is already dealing with tabloid scrutiny. Just because his/her parents are ego-maniacs does not mean that the child will be. BUT we are doing ourselves a disservice if we don’t throw out a few obvious jokes. Right!?

In my personal life: I had an AMAZING holiday break. Very fun, very needed, too much food etc. Is it just me or was getting back into the routine of regular life a bit painful? Wednesday was like a slow death, but now I seem to be embracing the predictable. How are you all doing? If you aren't doing great, just remember that tomorrow is Friday! PTL for short weeks!

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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The cry face of Claire Danes.

For many years the “Claire Danes cry” has been a running joke with my friends. I can just shout out a weird cry noise and they know exactly what scene of Romeo and Juliet I am referring to. This is of course followed by hysterical laughter.

Over the years, Claire Danes' cry has been all over my TV. She would cry over my main man/ not so secret 90s crush Jordan Catalano (MSCL). She would cry about having scarlet fever (LW). She would cry about her man drinking poison (R&J). It was just madness.

To my complete and joyful surprise! There is a twitter account for Claire Danes and her crazy cry face. @ClaireDanesChin exists and I find it absolutely hilarious! Thank you Homeland for bringing the cry face back into our lives. Merry Christmas to me!

I leave you with a Claire Danes crying supercut.


Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Jessica Simpson is pregnant again.

What does this mean for her 3 million dollar Weight Watchers deal? Also, seriously Jessica? I think Suri puts it best. We do not need another 17 month long pregnancy from this chick.

I really hope this is a false report. It isn't like US Weekly is the standard in journalism.

I don’t know if the world is ready more pregnant J.Simps pictures. Are they ever going to get married?? Call me old fashioned, but wouldn't you prefer to have your baby daddy be legally bound to you when you gain all that weight? Just a thought.


Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Glam Whore or Glam Fairy?

... I’m still not 100% sure. The following went down in our living room on Monday night.

Current channel: Style Network
Current snack: chocolate chips and candy corn in ramekins
Time: approx 8:30pm

Libby: What is the name of this show?
Me: Glam Whores. (said w/ zero emotion)
Me: I don't know. (still no emotion)
Libby: It's called Glam Fairy. Although Glam Whores does look like it would fit perfectly!
Both: Bahahahahaha!
[cont. uncontrollable laughter]
Lib: These girls are ridic.
[silent pause]
Lib: "Just because she does a good job doesn't mean she is a fairy."
Me: "Jessica, can you stop drinking the haterade already!?"
[silent pause]
Me: I can't keep watching this.

Channel changed to: ABC Family 
Current programming: Switched at Birth. Victory. 

If this post makes you think I don’t like horrible reality TV you are severely mistaken. Trash television is an unfortunate, yet amazing, common occurrence in our home. I just couldn't handle Glam Fairy. Watch the clip below and you will understand.

I hope you noted how A2 spelled "faires fly hi."

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Black Butte and Katy Perry

Black Butte was super relaxing. Fall foliage, vino and the Katy Perry movie… yep, that describes my weekend pretty well! No other words needed.

There was a Harvest Fair happening in Sisters. So that was awesome! 

We took long walks in the cool autumn air.

Pretty fall foliage!! 

Did you guys see the Katy Perry movie? If so, did it make you guys like Katy Perry? I have always found her so annoying due to her songs and outfits. But now I like her! Not necessarily musically, although some songs are catchy, I just like HER. The breakdown due to the demise of her marriage made her human and now I am rooting for her. Why she is dating John Mayer is beyond me. She is better than that!

I hope your weekends were relaxing too!


Thursday, September 27, 2012

Open letter to Christina Aguilera.

Dear Christina,

You have an amazing voice. That is my first statement because your talent is outstanding and I want you to remember it as this letter continues.

Christina, I reflect on the days of "Genie in a Bottle" with fond memories. Time spent making up dances in the cul-de-sac on a hot summer day. Jumping on the trampoline and singing "Come on Over" at the top of my lungs. It was glorious.

Then you decided to be a Latin singer… before blossoming into X-Tina. At this time you also decided that clothes were optional, piercings were key to your look and thought spray tans were probably a good idea. Your songs on Stripped were dynamite, but something happened… were you confused? Trying to find "the real xtina”? I was confused too. But I did have a blast at the Stripped/Justified concert. I do wish you and Justin sang at least one song together though. I know it is weird, but that album reminds me of Christmas. My sister and I listened to that CD non-stop all winter, probably because every song was amazing. Personal fave: "Get mine, Get Yours."

After that, you somehow became linked to Target in my mind. Why is that? Back to Basics, Burlesque, that weird robot album… What!? You have the pipes! SING! That is all we want. I am a fan of you and your voice. I am going to speak for your fan base and tell you that good songs are the only thing we are looking for from you. We don’t need a new persona every few years. Just good pop music that is easy to belt to in the car.

I like you on The Voice. You are a sassy beez. You have a good dynamic with the other judges and it is fun to see you in a normal-ish environment. Although, your boobs are always out. You should tuck those girls in at least once a week... I promise they won't suffocate. Time for a new stylist maybe? I am excited for your new album! I have high hopes for what it may contain.

Remember Mickey Mouse Club? Me too.



Friday, September 07, 2012

I am injured.

Somehow I tweaked my neck and can’t fully turn my head to the right. Okay, when I say “somehow” I am lying. I know how… and no it was not from something cool like tumbling or wake-boarding. I am pretty sure it is from jumping up and down on the ottoman in my living room and launching myself into the adjacent chair.

You must be wondering, how could this happen? Well, Lauren was over at my house and I was appalled that she hadn’t seen the preview for Pitch Perfect.

The exchange:
Me: I can’t wait until we can go see Pitch Perfect.
Lauren: What is that?
Me: You haven’t seen the preview!? WHAT!? Shut your face! We. Need. To. Watch. It. Right. Now. Now! (Each period represents me jumping up and down and wigging out.)

That is how I hurt myself. Glorious. It is just so incredibly ridiculous. My sister recently hurt her neck too. But she did it running Hood to Coast... not quite the same thing.

In case you live under a rock like Lauren and haven’t seen this:

Oh! Other than my pathetic injury, I recently had a triumph as well. Someone found my blog with the search, “how to be confident doing things alone.” VICTORY!

Happy Friday to you all! I love short weeks.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Who’s your daddy?

I read a lot of celebrity gossip and celebrity gossip blogs. I am not proud of it. It is simply a fact about me.

One thing that is driving me particularly crazy is the still unknown paternity of Xander Jones. WTF is up with that!? How are bloggers and entertainment news sources not asking this? I mean, at least post some possible daddy pics with pictures of the baby! We want to continue to speculate!

Maybe I am a crazy person. Obviously this is none of my business… but I just want to know. Okay, truth time. I love Jason Sudeikis. I really do. And I will be super disappointed if he is the baby daddy and denied paternity. That is my real concern. I like him and don’t want him to be a dead-beat dad.

Unfortunately, it is not looking good for funny guy Jason. Check out this photo of January and Xander. Is it just me or is that little babe looking extra sudeikisy as of late?

Right!? Come on January, tell us who it is! Because if loving Jason is wrong, we really don’t want to be right.

I know, super classy to put this after my Nicaragua post. Whatever.

[1] [2

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Where were you during computer class?

Umm. Have you seen this?

These kids were in 5th grade in ’95. If my reasoning is correct… I was in 5th grade in ’97? Right? Whatever.

So, while these kids were making a PSA that correctly outlines how the internet will be used by our generation (cats and all)… I was busy using the computer for one thing. Oregon Trail! Seriously, during elementary school computer class my main concern was not dying of diphtheria, dysentery or the measles.

Well, I’m off. Gotta go forge the river. Actually, maybe it would be a better call to float across? Hmmm.

Monday, July 30, 2012

USA! USA! Going for the gold.

I LOVE THE OLYMPICS!! Well, I love the Summer Olympics. We all know that the Winter Olympics is just the equivalent of a less popular, slightly uglier step-sibling.

In all seriousness, I adore the splendor and pageantry of the Olympics. I was a little worried this year because I thought I would be in Nicaragua and miss the gymnastics. BUT I am only going to miss the lame stuff (like track). I will get to see the gymnastics, which is the most important part! Duh. I also really like the swimming. Particularly men’s swimming. Especially the relays. Why you ask? Well, lots of attractive men all in one race? I’ll take it! Can we talk about how good looking Ryan Lochte is? Then can we discuss how badly he dresses and how lame his grill is? If only he had a great NW girl in his life…

History lesson: I quit competitive gymnastics when I was a sophomore in high school. Not to mention, I am 5’8”… not exactly gymnastics conducive. Let’s just say, bars was NOT my strongest event. I was really not a good gymnast, but I loved it (mainly floor and beam), had a blast and made great friends. I wouldn’t trade those years in the gym for anything. Thinking about it now, I specifically wouldn’t trade the summers. We would spend 4 hours together at practice, followed up by 4 more hours together playing and laying at the pool. When you group both hard work and fun together, especially at a young age, the rewards are invaluable. Those summers contain some of my fondest memories.

Enough about me and my non-good at gymnastics past, back to the Olympics:

Let’s note the level of gymnastics these girls are doing. Height and skills that I can’t even comprehend! I think standing back-tucks are hard (I’m tall. Give me a break). How about a perfect standing full on beam? Yeah. Beam. And that isn’t even near the most difficult skills we are seeing.

Gabby Jo is my mom's favorite. Mostly because her middle name is Jo. Priorities. 

I could talk gymnastics all day, but instead how about a more universal topic? Hair.

One thing you are allowed to trash is gymnastics hair. When we were kids we were not allowed to compete with messy buns. (Think late 90s/ early 00s when the messy bun was in the height of popularity). We of course fought back, but I will say, my ability to make a good slicked back ponytail came in handy when I was a cheerleader. Sometimes I even see lingering signs of “good hair ladies” coming through as a cheer coach. This was a blanket comment that we heard growing up from our gymnastics coaches.

Go ahead and make fun of the clips and the glitter. But it is something that has been around for a long time. And to tell you the truth, I would be a little bit disappointed to see it go. Final note: Marta Karolyi should take a call from the head coach of Mac Gymnastics. Meg could teach her a thing or two about encouraging her athletes to have “good hair.”

PS. You have no idea how obsessed my sister and I were with the magnificent seven. It was ridiculousness. I hope we will get to be equally obsessed with this team of five! 

I loved Dominique Dawes and hated Kerri Strug. I also LOVED Shannon Miller's bangs...and copied them. I was a special child.  

Alright friends, that is all from me for today. What is your favorite Olympic event? 


Thursday, July 19, 2012

The mystery and wonder of Target.

How is it possible that if you walk into Target with ONE THING on your list, you end up spending at least $50? Seriously. It is absolutely insane. 

Add jeans, flats, a bun and some crazy eyes to this photo... and that is me!

This is how my mind works whilst perusing the aisles:
- I just need face wash and paper towels.
- Oh, but look my lotion in a new smell… hmm. Maybe I should try it.
- And I probably need some more sunscreen.
- Ohhh new Essie colors! I should probably get this corally orange one that I basically already have 3 of.
- Pink glitter polish! I already have silver glitter and gold glitter, and multi glitter polish…. But I should probably have pink too.
- Oh good. I need some food. I am so glad Target has groceries. I just need a few yogurts.
- I should probably get these cookies though
- … Aaaand maybe that can of frosting to go with them.
- STRING CHEESE!!!!! Okay. That is all I need.
- I’ll just grab these sandwich bags in-case we are running low.
- Maybe I will pop over to the home section really quick. No. Don’t do it. Bad.
- Okay, I’ll just browse these sale DVDs by the checkout. Dumb and dumber!? Oh, no that is Dumb and Dumberer. No way. Ugh and Blue Crush 2? What is wrong with Target. Who would buy that?
- Ah-Ha! Original Sandlot. Perf. Only $5. Yes!

I have some issues as a consumer. Clearly! I just though I would share what my normal Target experience is like. Just in case any of you are similar... you are not alone. Or maybe I am alone here…


Tuesday, July 10, 2012

McDonalds of the Soul.

I just watched Jim Gaffigan’s new(ish) stand up, Mr. Universe. I recommend it. it’s on Netflix insta. Do it.

One of his 'bits' is about people who claim that they NEVER eat McDonalds. He mentions that we all fill the trashy void in our lives with other types of “McDonalds.” Many of us are so pretentious that we turn-up our noses at the mention of fast food in general. But be real, you have all been to Taco Bell (or the equivalent) at 2am. Is it really any different?

Then there are the other types of trashy that we indulge in, yet we still claim to be better than a sober McDonalds goer. These are the things that are really just the McDonalds of the soul. Tabloid magazines, celebrity gossip, really ANY reality TV. (Ahem, Real Housewives or Kardashian’s anyone?)

Your McDonalds is the way you inadvertently highlight the fact that for a few moments here and there, you simply need to give up on life.

No. I do not go to McDonalds, but I have my own trashy tendencies.

My McDonalds:
- Tabloid magazines and gossip blogs
- Reality TV
- Fake online shopping (adding things to my shopping bag to make me feel like I am shopping.)
- My (not so) secret obsession with ABC Family sitcoms.
- Buying a big wedge of fancy fatty cheese and eating the entire thing in one sitting.

What is your McDonalds? Or is it actually McDonalds!? So you love yourself a Big Mac every once in a while, at least you didn’t order a Double Down from KFC…

We all need to give up on life and indulge every once in a while. No judgment here.

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Did you miss me? And an editorial letter to TLC.

Did you miss me? I know you might not know me in real life. And that I wasn't actually gone from my blog… But still. Did you?

I just got back from a fab trip! I will do a real post about it before long. But I first wanted to write about travel. Well, a show about travel.

There is a new TLC show called On The Fly. It highlights how crazy people/ travelers are and how perfect the airlines are. I am pretty sure the point of this show is to make the travelers look like the enemies and the airlines look better… because we all know how annoying and stupid airlines are in real life. It is an attempt to boost their image. Pretty smart PR, but it doesn’t really work.

Airport personnel are supposed to be the hero in this “reality show.” You know, by continuing to smile as people get pissed that their flight was delayed. What they don’t show is people being groped by security, warranted reactions to unexpected charges, someone digging through their bag like a deranged animal at the check-in desk to try and make it lighter (in order to avoid another $50 fee).

The show is really beyond ridiculous. We have all had difficult travel experiences before… therefore this show is not entertaining! All it does is bring back damaging memories of frustrating experiences with airlines. Nice try On The Fly. You aren’t fooling us!

Dear TLC,

The airlines will never be the hero. If they stop charging us for every little thing, maybe they will make it on to the list of things we are indifferent about.  But until then, they stay on our hit-list. Crap, I can’t say hit-list in regard to airlines. Um… I mean... list of people we don't like that much (in a non-terrorist way). Don’t call TSA on me.

You should probably just cancel On The Fly. It is stupid and we will never like it. Also, play more Say Yes to The Dress and less Cake Boss. Thanks.

Sincerely, Laura

Here is a sneak peek of our trip. It is the only picture that was on Facebook. I haven’t quite gotten around to uploading my photos.

Friday, May 25, 2012

From Obsessed to Obsauced.

Sometimes my friends create new words. It isn't that weird. I feel like this is the case in many people’s lives. I instantly think of Happy Endings and how the character of Penny says ah-mah-zing. Her friends initially made fun of her before accepting it as hilarious and as unique to the quirkiness of Penny.

This type of scenario happens in my life on a fairly regular basis. Whether it is an unflattering nickname that sticks (poor Chubs), or a mispronunciation that will be said forever at that persons expense, there are words that are unique to my group of friends. But unlike Happy Endings, we will all start saying it around one another as a joke… until we say it in front of a stranger who blankly stares. Believe me, when someone calls Chelsii “Chubs” in public, strangers take notice.

The other night my friend Marina said she was obsauced with a nail color. I know this word came up later and somehow transitioned into the word obsoissed.

Yesterday an email chain discussion began about the merits of the two word hybrids.

Email from Martha:
Obsauced is literally 42 times better.

Here's why: It combines two words that actually are awesome.

Sauce: Which, if we're talking BBQ is delicious! If we're talking chocolate? Also delicious. I can't think of many sauces that aren't delicious. Sauce.

Obsessed: A word I say almost as much as I say “literally.”

I am literally obsessed with the word obsessed. When I say literally, what I'm saying may not be LITERAL. But I am still, literally obsessed. Literally. Obsessed.

If I may quote an email I received from Marina earlier this week, I can relate to the word obsauced "both metaphorically and over arching, as well as literally".  

Consensus is thus: Obsoissed is out. Obsauced is in. Thank you Martha for the detailed reasoning.

Yes. These are the people I choose to spend my time with… don’t judge. I wanted to post about this simply to share what my life (in terms of email and intellectual reasoning) is like. I hope you enjoyed!


Friday, May 04, 2012

A Boyfriend identity crisis.

I bet you thought this was going to be about my personal life. WRONG! It is about Justin Bieber.

I’m not sure if you have watched the Bieb’s new video for Boyfriend. I watched it with my super awesome co-worker/ fav friend Nicole, and we liked it! Duh. It is no Brit Brit, but still fab. We then launched into an important discussion regarding seƱior Bieber. He is obviously on the track to prove that he isn’t a kid anymore. I have a feeling the videos will gradually get steamier, thus not to alarm audiences. Of course I have at least one qualm about the video. Have you met me? Well, some of you probably haven’t… whatevs.

Okay here we go. In the video everyone is dressed in funky cute/ hipster chic. Clearly it is warm out because the sun is shining and girls are rocking tanks etc. THEN you look at J. Biebs. He is wearing dark jeans, gold high-tops and leather. Not to discount his blingy jewelry. Check out the bracelet… Ha! Pimpin’ Biebs. Straight pimpin’. My question is this, if it is hot out why are you wearing leather? Also, you have quite different style than your “friends” in this video. In my experience friend groups tend to dress similar to each other. Especially at the age of 18.

That is my Bieber related two cents. Hope you enjoy!

* UPDATE: I was just alerted by my lovely friend Marina (see her comment below) to watch *NSync's video for Girlfriend. Please note the similarities. We all know that the Biebs is turning into his own version of JT. Just "say hello to falsetto."

Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Lucy One: For the love of Zefron

Alright folks, let’s talk about The Lucky One. Thank you Nicholas Sparks for another silly romance movie, they are the best Monday night movies around.

Things I learned from this movie:
- If I have PTSD, I will be miraculously healed by walking from Colorado to Louisiana.
- If I have one tattered walled sized photo of an individual, I will be able to find said individual in a small town. I will not need any other information… because in this small town, they aren’t concerned with stalkers, internet trollers, abductors or any thing else of that sort.

Okay, enough about the ridiculous. Let’s talk about what was so amazing about this film.

Zac Efron is so freak yeah attractive! I coach teenagers and a while back they asked me what celebrity I would “realistically” date because we were around the same age. I was not allowed to say John Krazinski, Jason Segel or anyone else above 30 (I like the funny guys. Sue me). I said Zac Efron (24) or Kellan Lutz (27). This time we are obviously going based on looks. They proceeded to laugh at me (like usual). Some of them claimed that both actors are teenagers. I reassured them that just because they play teenagers in movies does not make them teenagers in real life! They are my age; therefore I clearly have a chance of dating/ marrying one or both of them!

Okay another weird thing about the movie. We are used to Zac being a teenager in movies, so for him to play his own age was a little weird.

Wow, enough with the tangents. It was a cute romantic movie. Honestly, it was exactly what I expected. But really, wasn’t your favorite part of the movie when Zac had his shirt off? It was mine. Even though it didn’t happen nearly as much as it should have.

I would like to thank:
- Nicholas Sparks for giving us this masterpiece.
- The production team for casting Zefron. We will be forever grateful.
- Zac's personal trainer... for obvious reasons.


Thursday, April 12, 2012

“We are like genuinely obsessed with your shows.”

Yes. We went to see Lauren Conrad last night!! In the car and the whole time we were waiting, we kept talking about what we were going to say to LC.

Some ideas that were floated around:
“My friend went to college with Steven and said he is an ass.”
“So what was up with that Jason thing?”
“Why the H didn’t you go to Paris?”
“Lo is my favorite.”
“You are my fashion icon.”
“Watched your cat-eye tutorial today… it was tight.”
“I’m not feeling the photo choice on the back cover.”
“We just wanted to meet you and are not going to be reading this crap.”
“You are so pretty!”
“Do you still party with Polster?”
“Wanna grab a drink after this? I’ll drop a pin so you know where to meet us.”

What was actually said: 
Me: “Hi! How are you doing?
LC: “Great! Your outfit is so cute.” (YES you guys. LC liked my outfit! Booya! Note: she did not say this to Mar or Lib.)
Me: “Thank you! We have been fans forever. We used to get together in the dorms to watch Laguna.”
LC: “Haha.” (Inner thought of LC: Why the F is this awesomely dressed chick bringing up Laguna? This is my book signing. Lag Beach is not my proudest accomplishment.)
LC: “My girlfriends all do that with Gossip Girl. None of us even really like it anymore; it is just an excuse to get together.”
Libby: “Yeah.” (in a breathy voice)
Marina: “We are like genuinely obsessed with your shows.”
Me: “… and your books!” (had to throw that in since it was a book signing)
LC: “Well, I hope you guys enjoy this one!” (while handing back the books)
All: “Thank you so much! It was great to meet you!”

About 5 steps away:
Libby to Marina: “Seriously? 'We are obsessed with you?' That is what you decided to say to Lauren Conrad!!?"

You guys. She is so pretty in real life. It is almost unbearable. Please take note that LC probably heard the reprimand from Libby to Marina. We were like 2 feet away from the table. Bahaha! Not like Libby has room to talk, she only said one word. We promptly went to the Doug Fir for burgs and bevs. All in all, it was a successful evening and meeting of Lauren Conrad. We are basically BFFs at this point.

Some photo proof that it happened:

Waiting in line sucks.

Not a great photo... but the only one of all three of us from last nights life changing event!

She is so freaking pretty!! Her hair and makeup were absurdly perfect.

Yep. Too pretty. 

Just texting w/ LC... no big. 

The illegal picture I took from closer up! Booya!
It was really fun to go meet Lauren Conrad. We really have been following her career since '04-'05ish. Plus, now we know how the book signing thing works. (FYI: It involves wrist bands and stuff.) I hope the Kardashians come to PDX some time for a book signing. Khloe is my favorite. You know, just for the record.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Oscars: Annoying or not?

I know I am a bit late on the reviews of the Academy Awards. So rather than doing a best and worst dressed, I decided to do a most annoying vs. least annoying. Honestly, I really enjoyed the fashions and everyone looked amazing. Especially the people I find most annoying… which of course makes it worse.

Not annoying:

Michelle Williams was so sweet in her interviews.  I loved how honored she was by the compliments she received from Kate Winslet. Plus she took Her BFF, Busy Phillips, as her date.

Viola Davis also wins the not annoying award. She was humble about her performance in The Help and she always turns interviews back to the project and the meaning of the story.

Majorly annoying:

Angelina Jolie is so freak-yeah annoying. Her dress was really pretty... blah blah… but she ruined it with her stupid posing.

The second annoying award goes to Stacy Keibler. She is so temporary! I hate how pimpin’ she thinks she is. She is clearly a disposable girlfriend for George Clooney. Her attitude makes her look like a stupid little girl. 

I hope you all enjoyed the show as much as I did. I was already on vacation and the Oscars made it even better! Vaca updates coming soon!

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