Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Black Butte and Katy Perry

Black Butte was super relaxing. Fall foliage, vino and the Katy Perry movie… yep, that describes my weekend pretty well! No other words needed.

There was a Harvest Fair happening in Sisters. So that was awesome! 

We took long walks in the cool autumn air.

Pretty fall foliage!! 

Did you guys see the Katy Perry movie? If so, did it make you guys like Katy Perry? I have always found her so annoying due to her songs and outfits. But now I like her! Not necessarily musically, although some songs are catchy, I just like HER. The breakdown due to the demise of her marriage made her human and now I am rooting for her. Why she is dating John Mayer is beyond me. She is better than that!

I hope your weekends were relaxing too!



  1. I agree with the Katy Perry stance. I didn't like her before and I watched in hopes it would make me like her more. It worked, and it made me a little sad but I'm definitely glad I watched! ps. I really loved her short blue hair and short pinkish/purpleish hair.. get it girl.

  2. Love that foliage! Things are just starting to turn here! I have always been a secret fan of KP... still need to convince Ty to redbox her movie with me (ha - fat chance!)

  3. Look at those Fall pictures! I'm obsessed.

    And I've been wanting to watch that Katy Perry documentary but not sure if it's good or not - I think I'll watch it now :-)

    Have you seen the Lady GaGa one? I never cared for her much until I watched it and I was WOWed. The very end has an acapella (sp??) version of Born This Way. I was hooked.


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