Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Jessica Simpson is pregnant again.

What does this mean for her 3 million dollar Weight Watchers deal? Also, seriously Jessica? I think Suri puts it best. We do not need another 17 month long pregnancy from this chick.

I really hope this is a false report. It isn't like US Weekly is the standard in journalism.

I don’t know if the world is ready more pregnant J.Simps pictures. Are they ever going to get married?? Call me old fashioned, but wouldn't you prefer to have your baby daddy be legally bound to you when you gain all that weight? Just a thought.



  1. i wonder if she's doing it just to get out of the contract, haha.

    && i totally agree with you on that last part. at least put up some really big obstacles he'd have to overcome to get out ;)

  2. Well good news, now I'm following Suri's Burnbook on Tumblr, thanks for that one! Seriously though, I love it.

  3. I think the media was really harsh during her first pregancy and it is possible it was an accident. Or maybe she wanted them close so she would only have to lose the baby weight once

  4. Oops, I didn't even realize she had the last baby... I used to read those mags at the gym but I don't have a gym anymore, so now I am just out of the loop! ;)

  5. My sweet baby Jesus, she is one fertile Myrtle!!


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