Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Things I am not good at: Sports/ Being competitive

I am going to start a new series. All of the other series type things on this blog have obviously taken a lengthy hiatus… so don’t put a lot of hope into this one either. This series is going to be: Things I am not good at. I thought it could provide some general entertainment to the masses. I am good at a lot of stuff, but I am bad at just as much stuff! God does that to keep us on an equal playing field (I can back it up with some verses if you would like).  For a non-biblical example: Aren't people who are good at math usually bad at human interaction? Haha! I just say that because I’m bad a math. But that is a post for another time.

This post is about traditional sports and my lack of competitive nature.

I am coordinated at some things. I have good balance and flexibility and I am decently strong. Not like crazy strong. I don’t do cross-fit or any of that crazy crap. But I am healthy and generally coordinated at skiing, dancing etc. Basically just the fun important stuff.

I am not good at traditional “boy sports.” You know, the horrible boring ones like soccer and basketball. Call me sexist. I don’t even care. I generally feel negative about anything that involves throwing, catching or kicking. Hand me a bat and I will swing it at your head. Try to throw something to me and I won’t even try to catch it. I would rather stand there and watch it hit the floor than embarrass myself trying to catch it. Unless it is a baby. I would probably try to catch a baby, but seriously bad move. I can’t catch. Why are you throwing your baby at me?

Yes. This happened. 

This photo likely highlights my one and only interaction with traditional athletic equipment. And look how I’m holding it! Pinky up!? I was clearly too girly for a full grip on that stupid bat. At least I am rocking some awesome pink overalls. I knew what was important even then.

My sister is this way too. Her friends joke about how she is the least competitive person in the entire world. Well, we are both that way. Why? Because we have to be. If we cared about winning, we would be living in constant disappointment. Oh, you want to play cards? You are annoyed that I am not as “into it” as you? Sorry, but I was molded at a young age to not be competitive. Our lack of ability in playground activities taught us to check our competitive nature at the door. This lesson began very early and has seeped into other areas of our lives. Even if it is something that we have the potential to be good at! Like cards, shuffleboard or handstand contests… Actually, we would dominate in a handstand contest. Let’s go. Let’s do this. Psych! We don’t care.

Wanna hear something hilarious? My sister is on a rec softball team. She secretly hates it and is constantly expressing her hope that each game be rained out. Duh. (Sorry Donkeys!  I hope none of you read this)

I am pretty excited about this series! I hope you are too. We'll see how it goes! Eventually I will run out of material right?...


  1. I'm not good at sports either :) super cute picture.

  2. Go Donkeys!! Although she is not-so-secretive about her secret desire for every game to be rained out. Pretty sure she gives up her jersey every chance she gets BUT she has become a batting inspiration. The girl's nonchalant approach to softball has resulted in some pretty good hits for her and has coached me into being more chill in the batter's box. Wanna play next year Laura? :)

  3. I'm not that good at sports but I'm pretty competitive, so I try not to play sports!

  4. Hahah! I am terrible at sports... better now, but elementary gym class was painfully awkward. I broke two fingers on my left hand trying to demonstrate how I can't do cartwheels. Point made. I stuck to ballet and then yoga and Pilates! Nice to hear someone speak out about being bad at those group sports. We don't need 'em. ;)

    1. I can totally see you as a ballerina, Suzannah!

  5. You should do a parallel series on things you're good at! In sports, I've never been super competitive with anything that involves a ball... basketball practices almost made me cry (I never understood "plays"), but I always loved running and trying to better my own times and really pushing myself. Swimming was also one of my favorites. Hmm. Life's mysteries.

    I think you need to bring the pink overalls back, by the way.

  6. I agree with Linnea! Do a parallel series too! It would be fun to do a round up at the end of the series and link to all the things you are and aren't good at! Then throw it to your About ME page. Genius.

  7. I love this! And seriously, why would anybody throw their baby? Lol! I'm pretty competitive myself. Not one of my finer qualities ;)

  8. This is hilarious. I'm excited to see if you can top this one!

  9. BAHAHAHAHA... soo funny.

    Ps. Even though Linds secretly but not so secretly hates playing softball. I also thinks she secretly loves it. Thats my story.

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