Friday, December 28, 2012

A Kiss at Midnight

I hope you all had lovely Christmases. Mine was awesome! Relaxing to the max.

This post is not about Christmas though, it is about New Years! Well… not New Year’s really, but the kissing thing that goes along with it.

Personally, I would rather have someone to kiss at noon on New Year’s Day than a one-time kiss at midnight. I also know that for many folks out there this option is not reality.

New Year’s Eve is a time to celebrate the passing of one year and the welcoming of a new. Why then is a kiss part of the equation? Is it because we are ceremonially kissing the previous year goodbye? Or is it because we are kissing the one who we want to begin the New Year with? It is a fact that 85% of NYE dates are not planning on ending that same year together (Psych, I made that statistic up, but it is probably close!). So why the pressure? Why the stock on having someone to kiss? Doesn't the desperation involved slightly make it lose its meaning? I would say so.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the NYE glitter, champy and fun. But over the years I have probably only had one or two NYE nights that got close to the hype surrounding them. And one of them was probably the millennium. The fact that Y2K didn't happen should keep NYE ‘99 at the top of all of our lists. Also, do you remember Will Smith’s album Willenium? Yeah, Will 2 K forevs.

So do not feel bad if you don’t have a midnight kiss lined up. I’m sure there will be a stranger waiting in the wings. And who knows, maybe they are your soul mate!? But think twice and ask about their bill of health before you go snogging a possibly herpes ridden stranger. That meaningless midnight smooch might leave you with more than a hangover the next day… It might leave you wondering if you should hit up the free clinic.

Or consider having a NYE change of perspective as I have. Because wouldn't you rather have someone to kiss at noon on New Year’s Day and the days following? I know I would.

Happy almost 2013!



  1. It's funny, I've been married so long I never think anything of the kiss at midnight!

  2. I plan on having an early NYE with my husband, renting movies and ordering in food. Guess I am officially old!

    I do agree though, who knows what lurks out there for the midnight kiss, better to just enjoy yourselves with whatever you choose to ring in the new year!

  3. I've never been a huge fan of NYE--it's just another day to me (well, and now a day off work, yay!) This year I'm going to enjoy celebrating the east coast midnight and go to bed at 9pm.
    HA just kidding. Maybe I'll stay up till 10pm.

  4. This post is a perfect opportunity to show off some of those SEO skills and include a link to your post last year after Seattle :) Wish we were spending it together this year!

  5. Aaw, what a fabulous post! I haven't thought much about the NYE kiss lately since I've been with my husband for years, but I see how it could be stressful for the single folks out there. I love your comment, though--would rather have someone to kiss at noon than a one-time kiss at midnight--I feel extra grateful for my supportive best friend husband and less sad about wanting to go to sleep at the usual time tonight! ;)

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