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Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Things I am not good at: Math

My name is Laura and I am terrible at math. Not just like normal person bad, but like REALLY bad.

To this day I add on my fingers and can only multiply by the low numbers or 10. I remember thinking long division was fun. But I think that is just because I liked my 4th grade teacher. I also know that I was bad at it. Hey, you can be bad at something and still think it is fun! Reference: Things I am not good at: Sports.

Ways my poor math skills inhibit my daily life:
- When I tip, I never add change to the tip to make the total rounded out. You think I can do that math!? You are wrong.
- On the same topic of tipping. I am also a really good tipper. Not because I am super generous, but because I only know how to make 10% from the total. I then of course double it (Yeah! multiply by 2 booya!). And if there is a weird amount of change I will round up to the next whole dollar. Most of my tips are over 20%. Especially at bars or buying other low cost items.

Basically, being bad at math is making me poor. It isn't all bad though. Luckily my complete ineptitude for mathematics set me up for some really great friendships! How is this possible? Let me explain...

How bad math skills gave me great friends:
- Because I scored so low on the math portion of the SAT, I had to take a proficiency exam at Linfield.
- Because I failed the proficiency exam (are you kidding!? There were fractions! Of course I failed) I had to take a remedial math class.
- Guess who else scored low on the SAT and failed their proficiency exams? MARINA AND LIBBY!

Here we are 2 days before graduation. Posing as freshman in line for Dillin. (the dining facility for underclassman)

Because we all suck at math, we ended up in the same class at Linfield during the first semester of our freshman year. It was called Great Ideas in Math. It was Math 116 and it was hard! I mean, we all got an A in the class, but still. Libby and I would sit in my dorm room and do our homework together struggling to get through the worksheets on topics like infinity.

For a better idea of what this class was like… for our final project Libby and I made paper mache Mobius bands and changed the words to Love Shack to be about Mobius bands. We got an A.

A couple tastes of the song: 
-"I've got me a Mobius band, it has one side and one edge, and we’re headed on down to math class."
- "A Mobius band is a really cool thing that / we can learn about together! Mobius bands baby!"

This is where I say thank you to my liberal arts education. I will never forget what a Mobius band is.

Obviously this experience bonded us together because we are all still friends today. Libby and I lived together for 7 years [see this post] and Marina moves in next month. Great Ideas in Math? More like great friends for life!!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Things I am not good at: Being Outdoorsy

I am from Oregon and I can pretend that I love long hikes and camping… but I don’t. [Insert gasp here]

I like camp fires and the fun camping scenario, especially if there is a body of water and an acoustic guitar nearby, but I don’t really consider camping relaxing. Not because of the situation once you are out there, but because of the amount of planning that goes into electively sleeping on the ground and constantly having dirty feet. Just think about the food planning! Ugh.

It was fun as kids when we weren't saving up vacation time and our parents did all the prep. Or even in college when two days worth of PB&Js would suffice. But now, my free time is limited and I would rather go to a cabin somewhere (BBR) and enjoy the outdoors that way. Sure, I will hike the Butte or something, but get me back home where I can shower and sleep in a bed.

Camping at DMB in 2008 and the Rogue in 2009:
(I consider these the last times I camped because the Antone is SO amazing. Therefore, it doesn't really count.)

Those stupid propane stoves. Clearly not working. 

Sleeping beauties... not. 

On the Rogue River. I can't believe I am touching my foot in this picture. 

Oh my gosh! Remember when I camped in Nicaragua!? Hahaha. During rainy season... sheesh. That one totally counts.

So that is the camping thing. Too much work and dirt to waste vacay time on.

Reality time, I am not good at being outdoorsy at home either! Portland is a wonderful city with mountains and rivers and lakes and beaches only an hour away. Yet, I would rather meet you at late happy hour than join you on your “night hike” (whatever that is). Seriously, people in my life go on night hikes.

So while you hike the south sister, I’ll be at Sisters Coffee Company with a yummy bev and good book (j/k I’ll be using their free wi-fi).  And while you “discover a trail in the gorge,” I’ll be walking along the East Bank and enjoying the view of our lovely city.

I mean, I’ll hike Multnomah Falls! I guess I prefer organized hiking…Hiking Black Butte, hiking at Multnomah Falls. And it seems that the part I dread most about camping is the amount of planning and effort that goes into being voluntarily dirty. Hmmmm.

In conclusion, I am not good at being an outdoorsy NW girl. Maybe I would be better at it if I had a personal assistant.

Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Things I am not good at: Sports/ Being competitive

I am going to start a new series. All of the other series type things on this blog have obviously taken a lengthy hiatus… so don’t put a lot of hope into this one either. This series is going to be: Things I am not good at. I thought it could provide some general entertainment to the masses. I am good at a lot of stuff, but I am bad at just as much stuff! God does that to keep us on an equal playing field (I can back it up with some verses if you would like).  For a non-biblical example: Aren't people who are good at math usually bad at human interaction? Haha! I just say that because I’m bad a math. But that is a post for another time.

This post is about traditional sports and my lack of competitive nature.

I am coordinated at some things. I have good balance and flexibility and I am decently strong. Not like crazy strong. I don’t do cross-fit or any of that crazy crap. But I am healthy and generally coordinated at skiing, dancing etc. Basically just the fun important stuff.

I am not good at traditional “boy sports.” You know, the horrible boring ones like soccer and basketball. Call me sexist. I don’t even care. I generally feel negative about anything that involves throwing, catching or kicking. Hand me a bat and I will swing it at your head. Try to throw something to me and I won’t even try to catch it. I would rather stand there and watch it hit the floor than embarrass myself trying to catch it. Unless it is a baby. I would probably try to catch a baby, but seriously bad move. I can’t catch. Why are you throwing your baby at me?

Yes. This happened. 

This photo likely highlights my one and only interaction with traditional athletic equipment. And look how I’m holding it! Pinky up!? I was clearly too girly for a full grip on that stupid bat. At least I am rocking some awesome pink overalls. I knew what was important even then.

My sister is this way too. Her friends joke about how she is the least competitive person in the entire world. Well, we are both that way. Why? Because we have to be. If we cared about winning, we would be living in constant disappointment. Oh, you want to play cards? You are annoyed that I am not as “into it” as you? Sorry, but I was molded at a young age to not be competitive. Our lack of ability in playground activities taught us to check our competitive nature at the door. This lesson began very early and has seeped into other areas of our lives. Even if it is something that we have the potential to be good at! Like cards, shuffleboard or handstand contests… Actually, we would dominate in a handstand contest. Let’s go. Let’s do this. Psych! We don’t care.

Wanna hear something hilarious? My sister is on a rec softball team. She secretly hates it and is constantly expressing her hope that each game be rained out. Duh. (Sorry Donkeys!  I hope none of you read this)

I am pretty excited about this series! I hope you are too. We'll see how it goes! Eventually I will run out of material right?...