Thursday, November 01, 2012

We don’t actually know what we look like.

It isn't like we see our faces all day. I know my hands and nails pretty well. I think they are okay. And I like to paint my nails because it makes me feel put together. I have decided that this is because I literally look at my hands on my keyboard ALL DAY. It is other people that have to look at our faces. Your co-workers and friends probably know your face a lot better than you do. I bet you know details about your significant others face that they don't even know.

I have some friends who are absolutely beautiful! And to be honest, they probably don’t realize how babelicious they are. It isn't like they look at themselves all day. They stare at their computers until it feels like their eyeballs are bright red and about to fall out of their heads. When you feel like a zombie, you assume that you look like one as well.

How I (and probably many others) feel after work:
- My skin feels greasy
- My eyes feel dry (I have now rubbed them, therefore mascara flakes now sit on my cheeks)
- My legs feel like they only half work
- I am hungry enough to eat a meal, but know I should only have a snack (it is confusing)
- I know my make-up came off, but I don’t care
- My outfit feels stale
- My hair is now misbehaving (depending on the weather)
- I need to brush my teeth but opt for gum instead

I assume this is how everyone feels after an 8-hour day at their computer. BUT when I meet my friends for Happy Hour they all still look solidly decent after a long day at work. When we feel nasty, we assume that we also look nasty. We do not see ourselves all the time, others do. In conclusion, this is why we do not always feel the confidence that we know is in us.

Have you ever looked at a picture and thought, “wait, is that me?” It is my guess that you have. That is because you don’t spend your entire day looking in a mirror or at pictures of yourself ala Kim Kardashian. Congratulations for not being a narcissist!

We don’t know what we look like because we spend all of our time looking at other stuff. You are probably good looking. Give yourself some credit.

One Direction had it right. You don't know that you're beautiful! It's okay, why would you?

PS. These guys look like little girls. Nice voices though... call me in 10 years.


  1. great post :)
    Its how i feel all the time !

  2. I try to remember this all the time. As in, just because I am super concerned with a minor detail in my outfit that I don't like, does NOT mean anyone else in the world would notice. No one else is obsessed with the stain on my blazer like I am. Maybe this only a little relates. Whatever.

  3. Get outta my head lady - I think about this ALL the time. I think it is so fascinating seeing candid pictures of myself (not in a narcissistic way I swear!)... and I have no clue how I make those faces... definitely not how they are looking in my head. And yes, I typically see myself in the mirror for the first time around 3pm every day.... and man on man I have NO CLUE where my mascara and concealer run off to, or when they are making their escape! ha

    But I did hear good advice - look at yourself from 6 feet away, the only details you see from that distance are the ones that any one else will pay attention to (if at all!)


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