Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Did you miss me? And an editorial letter to TLC.

Did you miss me? I know you might not know me in real life. And that I wasn't actually gone from my blog… But still. Did you?

I just got back from a fab trip! I will do a real post about it before long. But I first wanted to write about travel. Well, a show about travel.

There is a new TLC show called On The Fly. It highlights how crazy people/ travelers are and how perfect the airlines are. I am pretty sure the point of this show is to make the travelers look like the enemies and the airlines look better… because we all know how annoying and stupid airlines are in real life. It is an attempt to boost their image. Pretty smart PR, but it doesn’t really work.

Airport personnel are supposed to be the hero in this “reality show.” You know, by continuing to smile as people get pissed that their flight was delayed. What they don’t show is people being groped by security, warranted reactions to unexpected charges, someone digging through their bag like a deranged animal at the check-in desk to try and make it lighter (in order to avoid another $50 fee).

The show is really beyond ridiculous. We have all had difficult travel experiences before… therefore this show is not entertaining! All it does is bring back damaging memories of frustrating experiences with airlines. Nice try On The Fly. You aren’t fooling us!

Dear TLC,

The airlines will never be the hero. If they stop charging us for every little thing, maybe they will make it on to the list of things we are indifferent about.  But until then, they stay on our hit-list. Crap, I can’t say hit-list in regard to airlines. Um… I mean... list of people we don't like that much (in a non-terrorist way). Don’t call TSA on me.

You should probably just cancel On The Fly. It is stupid and we will never like it. Also, play more Say Yes to The Dress and less Cake Boss. Thanks.

Sincerely, Laura

Here is a sneak peek of our trip. It is the only picture that was on Facebook. I haven’t quite gotten around to uploading my photos.


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