Thursday, June 28, 2012

"Just some old guy."

Last weekend I went to Chez Jose with my sister on Saturday night. It was delish as always. Amazing warm salsa etc. Then something disturbing happened. Don’t worry; it had nothing to do with Chez Jose or the food. They are still in my top 3 restaurants.

As Lindsey and I were sitting there chatting, sipping our margs, chomping on fresh tortilla chips and salsa…

I interrupted her: “Dude! Oh, never mind. I though I saw Nate Nathanson but it was just some old guy who looks like him.” (Names have been changed. Obviously.)

My sister then continued talking…

Until I interrupted her again: “Crap! Oh my gosh it IS him! No way. No freaking way. We are old enough to mistake someone we knew in high school for an 'old guy.' This just got weird.”

Lindsey: “Sick. Apparently we are old.”

We are at the point in our lives that we may not recognize people from high school anymore. I literally haven’t seen that guy in 10 years. The worst part about this particular scenario is that I thought he looked old. I am absolutely sure he doesn’t look old, but he doesn’t look 17 anymore either (which is probably a good thing).

The weird truth is that we have memories of what people from different phases of our lives look like. Yet, after so much time passing we may not recognize who they are now.

You would think Facebook would remedy this for us… apparently not.

Why don’t we do a Then and Now? Cameron, don’t be mad at me for this.

2006 VS 2012

Only a 6 year difference and we look so much wiser. 

Am I the only one this has happened to? Please say no.


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