Friday, June 08, 2012

A real vacation to the OC and LB.

Happy Friday!

Finally I will post about the stellar vacation I just took with some lady friends. We went down to Newport Beach, CA for some sun and relaxation (It was just like The OC and Laguna Beach... but without the drama, winter formals, affairs, or untimely deaths).

Honestly, the best parts about this vacation were the sleeping-in and the laughter. The friends I traveled with are low-maintenance friendships and it made the trip super care-free.

Here are some photos of our fabulous time!

We spent time here...

While looking at this.

Did an evening in Laguna.

Played on the beach.

Guarded lives. 

Goofed around here. 

Yes, that is a water bottle bloody mary. 

Sheesh. That was a lot of pictures. Anywho, ‘twas a grand ole time! We ate a lot of food, went to a bunch of different beaches, spent time on Balboa with Caitlin's family, ate frozen bananas, drank adult beverages and read at the pool... really the list could go on forever.

I still haven't unpacked... so I'm off to do laundry!


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