Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Lucy One: For the love of Zefron

Alright folks, let’s talk about The Lucky One. Thank you Nicholas Sparks for another silly romance movie, they are the best Monday night movies around.

Things I learned from this movie:
- If I have PTSD, I will be miraculously healed by walking from Colorado to Louisiana.
- If I have one tattered walled sized photo of an individual, I will be able to find said individual in a small town. I will not need any other information… because in this small town, they aren’t concerned with stalkers, internet trollers, abductors or any thing else of that sort.

Okay, enough about the ridiculous. Let’s talk about what was so amazing about this film.

Zac Efron is so freak yeah attractive! I coach teenagers and a while back they asked me what celebrity I would “realistically” date because we were around the same age. I was not allowed to say John Krazinski, Jason Segel or anyone else above 30 (I like the funny guys. Sue me). I said Zac Efron (24) or Kellan Lutz (27). This time we are obviously going based on looks. They proceeded to laugh at me (like usual). Some of them claimed that both actors are teenagers. I reassured them that just because they play teenagers in movies does not make them teenagers in real life! They are my age; therefore I clearly have a chance of dating/ marrying one or both of them!

Okay another weird thing about the movie. We are used to Zac being a teenager in movies, so for him to play his own age was a little weird.

Wow, enough with the tangents. It was a cute romantic movie. Honestly, it was exactly what I expected. But really, wasn’t your favorite part of the movie when Zac had his shirt off? It was mine. Even though it didn’t happen nearly as much as it should have.

I would like to thank:
- Nicholas Sparks for giving us this masterpiece.
- The production team for casting Zefron. We will be forever grateful.
- Zac's personal trainer... for obvious reasons.



  1. haha he is soooooo hot. and i kind of feel like a pedophile for saying that but whatever. i would see this movie just for him!

  2. Looks like I need to see this one :) Love me so Zefron!

  3. don't get me wrong, I think Zac is super smoking (even though I too feel like he is still a teenager), but my "whomp whomp" moment came when I found out he is only 5'8"... thank goodness for good camera angles!

  4. thanks for sharing:)


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