Thursday, April 19, 2012

Sorry… I'm an Aries.

Last week I was watching Say Yes to the Dress with some peeps and we were taken aback by a random bridezilla who made the most ludicrous statement. Please take note that people say crap like this all the time.

How it went down:
Me: I would want Sarah or Keisha to be my consultant.
Lauren: Anyone but Claudia. She is new and totally sucks.
Marina: Fo sho! Totally sucks.
Libby: She didn’t even ask the price point!

Clearly we are versed and highly concerned about the happenings of Say Yes to the Dress.

Okay, back to the point of this post. The aforementioned bride who was being featured on the show said (during her interview), “I can’t make up my mind, what do they expect? I’m a Libra!” …or something similar. What!? Who says crap like that?

Then we got into a discussion about how illogical it is when people blame character flaws on their astrological sign. It has been a running joke ever since.

A recent text convo I had with Marina:
Me:  They expect me to work? Not gonna happen. I can't help it, I'm an Aries!
Marina:  They're weirded out that I'm a bitch? I can't help it. I'm a scorpio.
Me:  Seriously.

Obviously we are kidding, but still. It has become my favorite joke/excuse for EVERYTHING! “Libby, I cannot throw away the wet paper towel that I left on the counter. It goes against the very core of my being! Are you not aware that I am an Aries!?” Bahaha! Okay, you get the point.

"You expect me to walk? I'm an Aries. Carry me." 

I have no idea what characteristics actually go along with astrological signs. I just think it is hysterical that people use them as an excuse.

Disclaimer: I know that some people truly believe in astrological signs. This is not an attack on you, just a personal opinion.


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