Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Mishmash weekends: April

These past couple weekends have been super fun filled. Last weekend I went north to visit my grandparents and see my friend Jenna’s beautiful baby boy. This past weekend I went out to The Canyon at Washington Family Ranch for discipleship weekend. Let’s please just take note of how annoying the name change of Wildhorse Canyon has been. Yes, the Washington family rocks our socks and donated a lot of money to revolutionize what it means to go to Young Life camp, but I struggle. I assumed it would be an easier transition… like when someone gets married. Eventually it is easy to call them by their new last name. But Washington Family Ranch doesn't quite roll off the tongue. I guess it will just take a little more time… even though it has already been a few years…

Weekend numero uno:
Visiting Jenna was so wonderful. My sister, Jenna, our friend Sarah and I all spent the entire afternoon gabbing, gossiping, laughing and fawning over baby Jackson. He is seriously an angel baby. We were there for four-ish hours and he didn’t cry once!

Mama and baby

Sister and perfect baby Jackson

Weekend numero dos:
Being at WFR is always special. It is truly a peaceful place where you can feel God’s presence. Not only did I have fun, but it was a weekend about discipleship. Each talk and seminar had something practical to offer. I felt like I left with more than just a challenge or broader understanding (which is how I commonly feel after a sermon), but also with practical things that I can put into action right away. Things that will help me grow in my relationship with Jesus and love the people in my life better. It was a worth while weekend.

…and we laughed a lot!

With my gurl Nicole. Fun fact: she loves Whitney Port. 

All the ladies. I have no idea how this picture turned out so awesome! 

April weekends are killing it! 


  1. looks fun! I didn't even know they changed the name of the ranch. Did they change the name of the Wild Canyon Games to Washington Family Games? If so that would be horrific!

  2. loved seeing these fun pics on IG! made me miss seeing you girls around in real life! glad you had such fun weekends!


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