Thursday, August 23, 2012

Who’s your daddy?

I read a lot of celebrity gossip and celebrity gossip blogs. I am not proud of it. It is simply a fact about me.

One thing that is driving me particularly crazy is the still unknown paternity of Xander Jones. WTF is up with that!? How are bloggers and entertainment news sources not asking this? I mean, at least post some possible daddy pics with pictures of the baby! We want to continue to speculate!

Maybe I am a crazy person. Obviously this is none of my business… but I just want to know. Okay, truth time. I love Jason Sudeikis. I really do. And I will be super disappointed if he is the baby daddy and denied paternity. That is my real concern. I like him and don’t want him to be a dead-beat dad.

Unfortunately, it is not looking good for funny guy Jason. Check out this photo of January and Xander. Is it just me or is that little babe looking extra sudeikisy as of late?

Right!? Come on January, tell us who it is! Because if loving Jason is wrong, we really don’t want to be right.

I know, super classy to put this after my Nicaragua post. Whatever.

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