Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Too busy doing nothing.

Hi people. I took a brief hiatus from my little blog here. I did this in order to focus on things that really matter. You may be asking yourself, “What is more important than blogging?” Let me tell you. Apparently I took time off to read fashion magazines, lay by the pool, watch reality TV, eat obscene amounts of food and simply enjoy myself an extended Labor Day weekend. I originally took some extra time off in order to make last weekend count and to spend quality time with my family. Well, my sister and mother had the same idea to have a lazy vaca. It was awesome.

When I arrived at our vacation home, my mother had magazine binge shopped. It made pool time extremely enjoyable. Yes, lots of UV rays were soaking into my skin. Please note that some SPF was also at the party.

Don't you feel relaxed just looking at this? I love central Oregon.

This post is random, but I feel that I need to mention the season finale of Kardash. Did you watch that bologna? WTF kind of proposal was that? So lame. Also, please note: Kim did not say yes until she saw the ring. She also neglected to react to Kris. Instead she just said “Oh my God” over and over again. If I was Kris I would feel like a mega chump.


Ways this episode would have been worth my time: If Kim had an anxiety attack over the rose pedals on her floor. If she had thrown up on Kris when he proposed (like projectile). OR if Kris yelled “PSYCH!” promptly after proposing.

Let’s be honest with ourselves for a minute. We are all stoked to watch the wedding special. It looks like may-hor drama!


Final note: Lamar is cemented as my favorite Kardashian-type person. Don’t fight it. He is clearly the best.


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