Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Slowly falling for fall.

Alas, it is almost fall. I have not yet had a morning where I walk outside and it smells like fall is here, but I did see that pumpkin spice is back. Plus every J.Crew, Nords or Piperlime email is adorbs fall stuff. I LOVE fall. I guess I am hesitating because I am not ready to hang up the pool towel just yet. September is by far my favorite month so I am a bit disgruntled as to why I am not more excited for fall to be here. Ah September…It is still sunny at first/ you get your last summer sun shebang, but by the end of the month you are excited about the transition to different clothes. (I can’t wait to wear my blazer, and boots!)

Last year I had may-hor PSL overload. Hopefully it doesn't happen again.

And as it happens every year, football season kicks off (pun!). I am not a major football fan per se… I don’t have “my” team. I like to follow my alma mater and I love going to games/ being in the excitement/ tailgating. I even really like going to game watching events (possibly a shock to some of you). But who doesn't like it when people are all stoked on a team/ chips and guac are in play/ you get to make friends with random people… possibly cute football loving boys at a PDX sports bar. I am quite excited for all of the aforementioned possibilities. Bring it on fall! Hopefully my tan doesn't fade too fast.

Oh, it is also fun to dramatically yell along at plays and calls when I have no idea what was happening. I swear I only looked away for a second! Bahahaha! 

Here are some fall photos from the past:

My roommate's awesome Dad is a football referee and we get to go to games and cheer him on! I always root for the officiating crew. OSU '10

My hetero-lifemate Libby. Just some typical shenanigans on our mobile devices. 

The Patch '09

Cheering for Linfield at Homecoming '09

I hope you have a lovely season! 


  1. Ummm. Wearing my first blazer of the fall. I feel you Laura. Hard to let go of Summer but loving that I cuddled up in long johns for bed last night.

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