Thursday, September 01, 2011

No Mom! It isn't cool to get hot lunch this year.

Can we please reminisce on what it meant to be ready for the first day of school? I mean, please. I know you had your first day outfits picked out weeks in advance too. The anticipation of the first day of school was intense! What classes are you in, who is in said classes? Very important. But not as important as the collage for the front of your three ring binder! You know… the one with the plastic covering on the front. My gurl Libby did a post about backpacks a while ago. And it was oh so true. The little details were game changers when it came to the first day of school.

You go in after 3 months of fun. You don’t have any homework yet, you are still tan and you are excited to see everyone. Plus, you are super confident in your awesome fall outfit (that it is still too hot out to be wearing).

Mom: “You can’t wear that sweater. It is going to be 80 degrees tomorrow.”
Me: “But the stripes on this sweater go perfectly with my overalls, doc marten sandals and butterfly clips!”

That is clearly an exaggeration. But you get the idea. It wasn’t just the excitement of the first day. New school supplies were the best. You would have them all organized perfectly. Your pencil pouch filled with #2s and gel roll pens. Everything smelled like pencil shavings and new spiral notebooks. I’m not sure if you guys will know what I am talking about, but I swear school supplies had a specific smell. Next week I will probably be thrown out of Office Max for walking around and smelling school supplies. I can see it now.

I am glad to be beyond that phase in life. I wouldn’t dare write a post about the excitement of moving back on to my college campus each year. Mostly because I would for sure start crying uncontrollably. You know, due to really missing college and still being in denial about this so-called adulthood.

Take a moment to curl your bangs, listen to the first 'Nsync album and put some butterfly clips in your hair. You owe it to 13 year old you.


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