Thursday, September 08, 2011

There is a place.

That is the slogan of Black Butte Ranch. I’m not just a weirdo.

Black Butte Ranch has been many things throughout my life. I would say there are 3 different labels for what it is/ has been. BBR (for short. obvs.) has been place of childhood fun, adventures and memories. It has been a place of escape with friends. And last but not least, it has become a place of true relaxation. All equally important!

My grandparents (Dad’s parents) built a cabin at Black Butte Ranch in the early 80s. Once they fell in love with BBR there was no going back. It was the perfect spot for a vacation home. BBR is a much more ranch like and serene than the rest of the central Oregon counterparts. All of the other places (Sunriver, Eaglecrest etc.) are resorty. (This is all personal opinion... don't hate!) Black Butte has this peaceful effect. I can’t really explain it. The ranch might be full, but if you choose to go to South Meadow pool for the day and a bike ride in the evening, you won’t be bombarded by masses of children or families (unless you go to the kid friendly Glaze Meadow pool). But with a multitude of pool options, there is no need!

Mom and Dad in BBR when they were 20 somethings! It is all coming full circle isn't it!? cray-zay.

As a child BBR was the best/ most exciting place. We would build forts in the back yard, slide down the banister, explore the ranch (w/o grown-ups… so cool), ride our bikes to the general store etc. There was a lot of fun to be had.

Obvi the cutest BBR kiddos EVER! Lindsey and I should re-create this.
Once we were older BBR stayed cool. We were allowed to bring friends, who would get to experience the excitement and adventure of the ranch for the first time. By college we would bring groups of friends for long weekends. We could escape from campus, play Mario Kart and have killer dance parties. I am happy to say that (a more subdued version) of trips like this still happen. (Even though Spence threw out the N64 …)

I love this photo. Circa 2006
Hiking the Butte. Check that view! Dang!
Same trip as the previous photo. Fall Break '07 where we came to learn that Cameron is a cheater at Monopoly.

If we went over Jan-term break we had justification to make a ski trip out of it.

ummm Jan-term '07?

This is hilar. Ty falls a lot and we have photo proof.
I just have too many good photos of the shenanigans that ensue. Enjoy:

Jan Term '09

Note: N64, dance party and adult beverage consumption documented in the same shot. Please examine closely.
What BBR means to me now. At this point in my life, I realize how lucky I am to have a place like this. It is a place of comfort, memories, love and solitude. My people are always down for a weekend of fun and relaxation. Also, my family has been utilizing the house more than ever. We can just “be” when we are there. No effort. Yes, there is a place.  

A recent trip with my lady friends. Aren't they sezy?

A horrifically heinous photo of my fam. It's all I could find.
(tight alliteration. I must have learned that in college...)

Black Butte. The actual Butte.
Okay, that is my random/ slightly lame/ not very entertaining post for today. Slater!


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