Monday, September 19, 2011

The best ship is friendship.

This weekend I got to spend time with old friends. As in we have been friends for a long time not that they are old.

I went up to Seattle this past weekend to visit some friends of mine who decided that it was okay to leave PDX and therefore leave me. Unfortunately, they did not ask my permission before doing this... but whatever. I forgive them.

Photo proof that I left town for 2 days:

I made them be tourists with me! 

We had a fabulous time being lazy, wandering the city and celebrating a milestone birthday (Caitlin can officially rent a car). For those individuals who also live north but were not able to enjoy the entire weekend with us… We went to brunch (something new and different). And no, there won’t be a review due to the fact that it was not in Bridgetown and because I was too ravenous to take pictures. My food was mostly gone when I thought about it… 

But here are some others: 

Post brunch photo with the friends who left me. So rude. 

I literally have not been home for a weekend in a month! Seriously looking forward to some PDX time this weekend.


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