Tuesday, September 27, 2011

And Bingo was his name-o.

So last night I went to Bingo at The Woods. The Woods is a super cool bar/ restaurant in West Moreland that used to be a funeral home. You may be thinking that this is creepy, but it really isn't! It makes the venue funky and unique. The “parlor” is filled with velvet couches and chairs at various coffee tables and regular tables. It is a friendly community environment as the host, Brian, tells jokes and eggs on crowd involvement. It was a blast! Brian has a dry sense of humor and was just plain hilarious as he led us through the game.

Prizes consist of grab bags of Dollar Tree goodies, Good Will gems and cash prizes (once we get to the black-out rounds). It was a big crowd last night and both pots for the 2 rounds I was there for were over $100. Seriously, I had a blast and will be a bingo regular from this day forward.

Here are some bits of communication and photos of the night. Yesterday I was both youthful and elderly. I played bingo… like an 80 year old. AND I had a slumber party with Lauren… like a 16 year old. ‘Twas wonderfully well-rounded. Also, I ran into some old friends from high school. Twins named Lauren and Dana. The weird part is that I went with two of my friends who happen to be named Lauren and Dana! CRAZY!

We got really hard core. I will be carrying my dauber around permanently. Just in case there is any impromptu bingo-ing happening. Really it was the host that made the evening… not the bingo. But still!

I recommend attending this weekly event. Doors open at 8!


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