Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The sip du jour.

No, fools. I meant to change soup to sip! Anyway, “That sounds good, I’ll have that.” Get it? Dumb and Dumber?

Sip instead of soup because this post is mostly about soda and coffee.

So I have been a long time drinker of Diet Coke. I affectionately call it DC.  I love the stuff! It is dang delicious. Libby even recently mentioned how good we have been by not having it in our house! Little does she know that we have DC at work! Bahaha. I’m a cheater. Do I wish I didn’t drink it? Yes. Does it leave me feeling bloated and guilty? Yes.

Well, enough of that bologna. The reason for this post is to show you the new branding that I saw yesterday. Check out the new Diet Coke can:

What do you guys think? I get where they are coming from. Making it all hipster and what not. I mean, I am pretty indifferent about what the can looks like. As long as they don’t change the recipe. Remember DC with Splenda!? That shiz was narsty. No wonder it was discontinued. Just thought I would share this recent discovery. I haven’t seen it anywhere else. Is the new can exclusively for Costco? Haha! Obvs not, but I figured this new branding would come with a stellar marketing campaign…. Hmmm.

On a note related to yesterdays post. I thought I would let you guys know that I embraced Fall today.  Apparently I have come far in the past 24hrs. It officially smelled like Fall this morning. It made me really miss walking to class on the Linfield campus. Ahh I can picture it now. Flats on, tumbler in hand, headed down the path that cuts through the quad toward O’Rileys, gotta hang a left and head toward Renshaw (also lovingly known as “The Shaw”). Making this journey with my mass comm. roommates was one of the highlights from Fall senior year. Apparently it is the really insignificant things that stick in your memory.  

Yes, today felt like Fall. To prove how I have embraced it, I will share a few of my September 14th, 2011 choices with you. I wore my leather jacket today. I even ordered a PSL from Starbucks! I should also mention that I was at Starbucks for 25 minutes this morning. They were understaffed and I felt really bad for them! BUT, as a consumer, I have a particular expectation when it comes to Starbucks coffee. When it takes that long for my drink to come up on the bar it is usually accompanied by a free drink ticket… I am not saying that we should expect things like this… BUT I am just saying that Starbucks has marketed themselves/ gained a certain reputation when it comes to the promptness of their baristas. Just sayin’. 

Okay, well super random post. Whatevs. Drink your DC or your latte and get over it. 


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