Tuesday, June 04, 2013

My biggest concern was my tan.

For a long time my summers were spent at the pool. As I sit here at my desk, I reflect. Literally. My skin is so pale it is reflective. I long for the days where I spent my time at the pool! I will obviously be spending my weekend in the sun, but it is just painful to think of those former summer days while I am sitting here at my computer. I didn't have a care in the world. Or if I did, it was about a boy or something else stupid. Come back to me dear summer! I did not appreciate you as I should have.

Summer 2008. Ignore my crazy face. 

4th of July 2008 when we had missed the fireworks. I only added this because Brian is in it! I like him, sue me. 

At the time these photos were taken, the most important things to me (and probably Lauren and Marina) were as follows:
1. Being tan
2. Getting Lauren into Happy Hour (she was still 20)
3. Frozen yogurt

Happy sunny days my friends! Don’t forget your SPF 30!
This post is about college summers when we actively neglected out part time jobs and internships. Still to come? A post about childhood summers!

Friday, May 31, 2013

Prancercise all summer long.

I know you have all seen the Prancercise video. If you haven’t, then you probably do more things in your real life and spend less time on the internet. Maybe I should take a cue from you!?... Anywho, it is awesome and right up my alley. Prancercise looks like the perfect workout. Basically it is dance walking with ankle weights. I pretty much do this anyway whenever I am excited to have arrived somewhere, just without the weights. Apparently the traffic to the Prancercise Website was so extreme that it crashed on Wednesday. I read up on Prancercise creator, Joanna Rohrback, and her ingenious exercise inspiration came from horses. Also please note that Joanna does not approve of the Gangnam Style horse dance. Those are some bold statements Joanna. Watch out for Korea...

 Now that the video has gone viral, I am really hoping this takes off! Kinda like parkour… right?

It also makes me think of the sign spinner people. I was always amazed by them as a child. Standing there rocking out to their diskman. Does it really help drum up business? I mean, I don’t all of a sudden need a new mattress because you were spinning that sign at the intersection. I just kind of feel like Prancercise is a version of these folks. Like if they abandoned their sign, slapped on some ankle weights and took their dancing selves down the block. Well… kinda. Those sign spinners are pretty intense. Not quite like Prancercise  Okay, wipe that whole last paragraph.

This leads me to this. Let’s all just Prancercise to the #backthatazzup playlist. In honor of June first and the impending summer months, I bring you Summer Girls by LFO.

Summer Girls by LFO on Grooveshark

RIP Rich Cronin. You were undeniably the hot one.


Wednesday, May 29, 2013

I think you're pretty.

I'm busy, but I think you're pretty!

I hope you had great long weekends... even though it is already Wednesday. Can I do that when the next weekend is as close as the last? Even though it isn't! Because the weekend extended through Monday. Duh. You guys are so rude.

Don't judge me for posting this picture.
I have nothing else. I am having a less than stellar day, which seems inappropriate because today I wore floral pants! I don't think you should be allowed to have a below par day while you are wearing floral pants.

Time out: being below par is a good thing in golf. You are trying to shoot "under par." It means that you are practically the next T-Woods! (without the grossness preferably). Yet, we use the figure of speech to represent a "below average" account. I mean, it makes sense, par does represent the average... BUT it totally doesn't make sense! We aren't trying to have a less than average day. hmmm. The English language is in need of some assistance. Much like my day... Such is life.

...and don't act so surprised, I have some sports knowledge! Limited. But some.

I am officially smarter than Webster. Whoever he is. My day is turning around after all! Until next time.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Everyone loves free stuff!

Free stuff is awesome. Everyone loves it! The gentleman I am dating (I don’t know what to call him on here. I hate it when people refer to their significant other with a nickname. His name is Brian, so yeah, we’ll just call him Brian) is very charming. VERY. He refuses to get a single punch on a punch card, gotta go for the double punch! and he is always looking for a bonus or a discount. You know what? He usually gets it due to his charm. This has honestly become an issue since we started dating, because in many cases I will be with him! Having a chick with him really cramps his style. And by style, I mean flirting potential with random females working at Dairy Queen. You would think this would bother me right? It doesn't. I want him to get free stuff too! So, as a solution, I either need to hang back or bring some charm myself in order to get the extra service and potential freebies.

Ways we have been successful as a team:
- One of us hangs back while the other uses their charm.
- We both bring the charm and a few jokes at each other’s expense. Sometimes people just think we are funny, decide they like us and want to be our friend! I mean who wouldn't!?

We honestly have gotten to a point where the scenario is evaluated and we can usually stay on the same page. There have of course been occasions where one of us just loses it (usually me)… but sometimes people are stupid and you just need to get your item or check and get out!

One issue is that Brian isn't good at reading the server. Sometimes (all the time) he gets all “what do you recommend?” (side note: My dad does this too… Lord help me) when clearly the server doesn't have a lot of time to spare! They are busy that night and just want our order and want to move on. They will look at me with desperation and annoyance in their eyes. My solution is to rush Brian, which he is oblivious to and then asks follow-up questions about spice level in a few items. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes this is gold! Sometimes the server wants to kick-it and share their expertise. If this is the case, I will join in with the schmooze, it just doesn't always go down that way.

So this post is pretty pointless (like all of them). I hope Brian doesn't get mad that I wrote about him. I called him charming! Plus he says that all publicity is good publicity. I hope he considers this good publicity. And really, it is more about being kind to strangers than getting free stuff... sorta.

On a completely different, but slightly related note, I got $20 worth of free face mask from Sephora last night! I have been reading about this one mask that is $70. Who pays $70 for face mud!? Crazy people that is who. Also, the people who pay that are clearly not aware that Sephora will make you a sample of anything! All you have to do is get bold and ask. I got a sample of “super mud” and it is amazing. You can see the spots on the mask where it was pulling oil out of your pores. SICK! I would post a photo of it, but you would likely throw up on your computer.

I’m off for the long weekend tomorrow afternoon! Booya! BBR here and here and here I come!


Tuesday, May 21, 2013

What do I do with my life?

4 things I have been doing instead of writing worthwhile blog posts:

1.) Watching Scandal
I am addicted to this show! Entire first season is on Netflix and the entire second season is on Hulu Plus. I really love the show and the suspense, but to be completely honest, I am finding myself a little scared at night. Like move quickly through the apartment scared. It is reminiscent of how I felt after watching Are You Afraid of the Dark on Nickelodeon. Do you guys watch Scandal? Do you love it? Does it scare you as bad as it scares me?

2.) Being a cheer coach
We picked our new team! The girls are great. It isn't cheer season or anything, but during slow times like this I end up checking in with girls a lot more about their actual lives and not so much their cheer lives. During the season I see them every day, but it is 100% cheer 100% of the time. Not right now though! I swear teenager’s lives are far more complicated than ours were at their age. I think it is because they have all this crazy technology to make everything worse.

3.) Going to Starbucks on a regular basis for mediocre espresso drinks
Yell at me for going to Starbucks all the time. Do it! I dare you. I live in the NW and good coffee is a big deal. So is buying local, eating organic, wearing hemp clothes and not using an umbrella. Okay, so I buy organic produce when I can and I don’t own an umbrella even though it rains 9 months out of the year here. You caught me! BUT I do go to Starbucks. Why? Because they are everywhere and they are consistent. Consistently mediocre? Yes. But whatever. I can always count on Starbucks for familiarity and I find it comforting. They are also really fast. And if it takes longer than 5 minutes they will give you a free drink ticket. So quit your judging! I don’t have time to get up early so I can go to the local coffee place and wait ten minutes for pour over coffee or manually pulled espresso. [Zack Morris Timeout: Going to a suburban Starbucks is “late for work torture.” It is crazy slow. Don’t do it!]

4.) Working at my regular person full time job
My busy season is fast approaching. Both yesterday and today my lists have been getting longer and longer. And due to the fact that all I am doing is adding to my lists… there is no time to do any of the tasks that would let me cross something off!

Have a great day! Peace to all.


Friday, May 17, 2013

Taking it back to 2002! Backthatazzup.

Okay, I had too much fun doing this last week, so I'm doing it again! No elaborate photo participation this time, but please prepare yourself for the weekend by enjoying this jam.

Today I am contributing Big Tymers, Still Fly. Enjoy the journey back to 2002!


I am SO on Ellen right now!

Every time something weird happens to me I assume I am going to be on Ellen.

For example:
Yesterday at Starbucks there was a guy with a cartoonish voice. First I was alarmed, was he waiting to see how I was going to react? Is he in comm. arts classes doing a social experiment? The non-verbal communication class did this at my college. They would be awkward and stand too close and look at you, and then they would write about your reaction. Stupid classes, making everyone feel uncomfortable.

Basically I looked at him with an “I know what you’re up to” look. And then he looked at me weird! He definitely just had a terrible voice. Poor guy. He stood too close to me at the cream/ napkin area and when I wiped up the half and half that had been spilled, due to the typical Starbucks morning traffic (I always do this because I think spilled dairy is disgusting), he thanked me as if he worked there… that got me thinking…

I’m on Ellen! He is using a funny voice and I did something any normal nice human would do! I’M SO WINNING MONEY! I was all like, “Okay Amy and Andy, where are you!? You can come out now with my $100!” (Don’t worry; I didn't say it out loud.)

I walked out of Starbucks waiting for my waiver to sign so I could be on TV…  Nothing happened. I was actually disappointed.

Moral of this story: I need to stop watching TV. Sometimes people are seriously awkward and it doesn't mean you are going to be on TV or that you are going to win money.