Thursday, May 23, 2013

Everyone loves free stuff!

Free stuff is awesome. Everyone loves it! The gentleman I am dating (I don’t know what to call him on here. I hate it when people refer to their significant other with a nickname. His name is Brian, so yeah, we’ll just call him Brian) is very charming. VERY. He refuses to get a single punch on a punch card, gotta go for the double punch! and he is always looking for a bonus or a discount. You know what? He usually gets it due to his charm. This has honestly become an issue since we started dating, because in many cases I will be with him! Having a chick with him really cramps his style. And by style, I mean flirting potential with random females working at Dairy Queen. You would think this would bother me right? It doesn't. I want him to get free stuff too! So, as a solution, I either need to hang back or bring some charm myself in order to get the extra service and potential freebies.

Ways we have been successful as a team:
- One of us hangs back while the other uses their charm.
- We both bring the charm and a few jokes at each other’s expense. Sometimes people just think we are funny, decide they like us and want to be our friend! I mean who wouldn't!?

We honestly have gotten to a point where the scenario is evaluated and we can usually stay on the same page. There have of course been occasions where one of us just loses it (usually me)… but sometimes people are stupid and you just need to get your item or check and get out!

One issue is that Brian isn't good at reading the server. Sometimes (all the time) he gets all “what do you recommend?” (side note: My dad does this too… Lord help me) when clearly the server doesn't have a lot of time to spare! They are busy that night and just want our order and want to move on. They will look at me with desperation and annoyance in their eyes. My solution is to rush Brian, which he is oblivious to and then asks follow-up questions about spice level in a few items. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes this is gold! Sometimes the server wants to kick-it and share their expertise. If this is the case, I will join in with the schmooze, it just doesn't always go down that way.

So this post is pretty pointless (like all of them). I hope Brian doesn't get mad that I wrote about him. I called him charming! Plus he says that all publicity is good publicity. I hope he considers this good publicity. And really, it is more about being kind to strangers than getting free stuff... sorta.

On a completely different, but slightly related note, I got $20 worth of free face mask from Sephora last night! I have been reading about this one mask that is $70. Who pays $70 for face mud!? Crazy people that is who. Also, the people who pay that are clearly not aware that Sephora will make you a sample of anything! All you have to do is get bold and ask. I got a sample of “super mud” and it is amazing. You can see the spots on the mask where it was pulling oil out of your pores. SICK! I would post a photo of it, but you would likely throw up on your computer.

I’m off for the long weekend tomorrow afternoon! Booya! BBR here and here and here I come!



  1. moral of the story: be bold. get free shiz. noted.

  2. Hahaha... I think any guy named Brian is pretty awesome. Especially the ones with charm. (Side note: My husband's name is Brian.) :) Free stuff is sweet-- rake it in girl.

  3. first i hate nicknames. my husband's name is michael. i call him michael. and love this post bc i love free stuff, get it however you can is my motto!!

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  5. I bought a full size Glam Glow on Amazon for $40!


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