Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Weekend Update

...No, not with Tina Fey. Although, that would be cool. And it is Tuesday... but whatevs. I am going to update you on the happenings of this past weekend.

This weekend turned out just perfect. Somehow I fit in shopping, skiing, laundry and working out. It was a miracle!

On my shopping trip there were some killer finds! I recommend you all take a trip to H&M shortly. I got this (in light turquoise and white) and these (in coral). No, I didn’t buy the pants in England, but the US Website didn’t have them listed. Anyway, stoked about my new clothes! Yayer! Also, two different people complimented my leopard print Claire's earrings. And one of them asked if they were Betsey Johnson! Haha! Uh... no, they were part of a 'buy one, get one' deal! Niiiice!

With Mama Jo while shopping with Sista Friend.

In case you were wondering, my mom is an animal on the mountain. She takes it easy when my dad is around, but this weekend she was game to go down a double black diamond with at least 6 inches of fresh powder! She is a bad ass. I am not going to lie… we both struggled a bit. We are used to sticking to the groomed runs. They can be steep and we manage just fine, but it is rare that either of us will navigate deep powder like that. We had a lot of fun though! We goofed around, got lost, ate donuts from Joe’s etc. All of the important Mt. Hood rituals.

It was a fantastic and rejuvenating weekend.

Oh, and happy first day of spring!


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