Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Ooh that smell. Can't you smell that smell?

That title is supposed to pay homage to a Lynyrd Skynyrd song. Have you ever listened to the words of that song? It is all about drugs...Whatever. In honor of full disclosure, I will admit that the real reason I know this song is because Lo sings it in her car during Laguna Beach (season 1). Embarrassing for me... but I guess embarrassing admission is sort of the theme of this post.

Back to the real post:
I love my perfume. I smelled many different perfumes on many different shopping trips. I took the badgering of the sales ladies, I asked for samples etc. Then I took the plunge. I purchased Versace Bright Crystal. I had just finished off my previous perfume (Chanel Chance. The green one... I don’t remember the specifics of it). I LOVE my current perfume. I wear it often, but not everyday.

Lately I have been getting some compliments on how I smell. Unfortunately, it has been happening on days that I am not wearing my perfume. I initially thought, "oh, my natural sent must be intoxicating!!!" Hahaha! (I automatically think of that Friends episode where Pheobe and Monica’s old friend comes back all fake British and braggy. Anyone?)

After some figuring... Turns out it is my shampoo. I recently switched shampoo for the winter months. You have probably figured where I am going with this... It is dandruff shampoo!

Maybe it is just me, but I find it embarrassing to admit that I am dealing with a dry scalp during these wicked winter months. I even contemplated not writing about it. But I have decided that it doesn’t matter. Why not be real about it?

But really, what am I supposed to say to these people? "Thank you! It is my Head and Shoulders 2in1."

Rather than sparking attention with the fragrance I fawned over and am proud to have selected, I instead get mentions of the sent from my drug store shampoo.

Isn't that just life?!



  1. I love that you are real! so much more interesting than perfection.

  2. i love head&shoulders, i don't have any scalp issues, but that shampoo makes my hair so shiny and soft! i recently confided to my stylist, but haven't been brave enough to tell anyone else! eeppp- guess I just told everyone!


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