Thursday, March 01, 2012

Like on vaca? Road trip! (Sun Valley, ID)

I just got home from an awesome family vacation to Sun Valley. Note: it also included a road trip.

I admit it. We still take family vacations. Yes, we are grown and my sister is married. But, we still love family vacations. It is even more fun now because we actually like each other! We have moved beyond the teenage angst phase and we truly enjoy spending time together.

I think vacations are way less work when you are with your family. With friends, you try and make sure people are happy, enjoying themselves, okay with the restaurant choice etc. With your family it can be go with the flow. You can get pissed and no one cares. You are also fine with looking like total crap the whole time (they see you on Christmas morning and know how ugly you are). With family it can be a real and relaxing vacation.

This of course only applies if you like your family. I get that not everyone does. I just happen to be lucky. Plus, there aren't that many of us. The odds are in our favor because there are fewer opportunities for us to hate each other.

We just got back from a FABULOUS family vaca. Check out the photos below. It was so beautiful!


Can't beat a view like this!

View of the town below from the top of the mountain. 

The whole fam damily. 

Note: we drove to Sun Valley, ID. The drive is 10 hours... One way. Totally worth it. 


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