Thursday, March 08, 2012

Longing for Linfield on a sunny Thursday.

Today is a gorgeous sunny Thursday. Days like this desperately make me miss college. I think of the community at little Linfield College and how everyone would be spending this day outside. Whether it is walking to O’Rileys, riding bikes, doing homework in one of the quads etc. I also picture gaggles of guys playing Frisbee golf until campo makes them stop and those other guys, who walk around barefoot (as a protest?... not sure why really), doing slack line between the trees outside Jane Failing Hall.

Wildstock '09

Also, it is a Thursday! Say you are done with class for the day by 2:00. You hang out outside until 4:30, go home, watch an episode of Full House on ABC Family and nap for an hour, get ready and then head to Roof Top for some rowdy Thursday night antics. No biggie that it is a Thursday, you only have one class on Friday and it isn't until 11:00.

Don’t get me wrong. I love my life now. I love my community, my neighborhood and exploring everything Portland has to offer. Sometimes I simply miss college. Not just campus, but the people. It wouldn’t be the same to go back now. Not unless everyone who was in school with me went back too. I need my friends to happen to walk by on their way home and decide to read magazines in the sun with me. There is nothing like the friendships you make in college. You live together, you eat together, you learn together and you can’t help but love each other. They are your family and campus is the backdrop of many good memories.

I guess this post is just about nostalgia. I still see my Linfield family often (I live with the same roommate for heavens sake), but today I wish we were lollygagging around Linfield’s campus with Union Block blended Chai lattes and tabloid magazines.

Outside the Mass Comm building

At the end of it all


  1. This made me smile. I'm a recent grad ('09) of Whitworth up in Spokane and work for Lewis & Clark College now. I just walked past a part of campus where a bunch of students are soaking up the sun and it made me wish I were with them instead of sitting in my office working.

    Thanks for the nostalgia moment. In some ways. all colleges really are the same. :)

  2. This almost made me tear up! We had such good times. I miss it too...I know we knew we had it good, but you never really appreciate things enough when you're in them. Good memories ahead, but it's always important to stop and reflect on the ones we have already made. Hurrah for the sun!!

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